TRUMBULL COUNTY Panel appointees to review finances

The committee could recommend a change in the county sales tax.
WARREN -- Trumbull County commissioners have announced the names of 10 residents who will serve on a committee to review government spending and the need for an additional sales tax.
County commissioners decided at the end of February to immediately raise the sales tax by 0.5 percent for one year, and to ask voters to make the increase permanent at the November election.
The committee appointed Tuesday is expected to make a recommendation on the sales-tax increase before the November election.
"Hopefully, they will come to the conclusion that money is well spent in Trumbull County," said commissioner Joseph J. Angelo.
Committee's duties
Members of the committee are expected to review budgets and expenditures by individual county departments, as well as the budget for the county as a whole.
"They will delve into how much money it takes to operate a county government and how the money will be dispersed," said Commissioner Michael O'Brien.
Commissioners say they could change the amount of the tax increase being sought based on the committee's recommendations.
"This is what we started the committee for," said Commissioner James G. Tsagaris.
Commissioners do not have to take any formal action regarding the 0.5-percent tax they plan to put on the November ballot until August.
With the 0.5-percent tax increase, county shoppers pay a total of 6 percent tax at the register, with 5 percent going to the state and 1 percent to the county.
On the panel
Committee members will be:
UTrudy Bayman, former vice president of Second National Bank, Tsagaris appointee.
UWilliam Beinecke, Liberty Board of Education, Tsagaris appointee.
UFremont Camerino, former Niles president of council, Angelo appointee.
UThomas Hannon, former McDonald mayor, Angelo appointee.
UClifford Johnson, former Warren schools administrator, O'Brien appointee.
UDennis Lewis, Lewis Construction, O'Brien appointee.
UJohn Mahan, Champion Board of Education, Angelo appointee.
UJoseph Malone, WCI accountant, Tsagaris appointee.
UBernice Marino, Trumbull County Realtors Association, O'Brien appointee.
URalph Smith, retired Trumbull Memorial Hospital executive, member of committee studying county purchasing, consensus appointee.