Posters honor 10 servicemen

The relatives of six employees are on duty in Iraq.
SALEM -- As Hunt Valve employees go about their business, they now have a daily reminder of just how personal the war in Iraq is.
The company, whose business includes manufacturing valves for the Navy, recently put up 2-foot-by-3-foot posters of 10 servicemen who have relatives working at the manufacturing plant.
The posters were erected as part of the company's desire to do something to honor, support and remember the troops, explained Theresa Hannen, marketing services manager for Hunt Valve, which employs 140 people.
Of the 10 servicemen on the posters displayed in the 100,000-square-foot plant, six are on duty in Iraq.
Who's who
The servicemen being remembered and their Hunt Valve relatives are:
Daniel Hofmann, National Guard, son of Paul Hofmann.
Randall Clunen, Army, grandson of Dick Paulini.
Ray Longbottom, Army, son of Ed Longbottom.
Kelly Hoagland, Air Force, son of Steve Hoagland.
Matthew and Michael Lisco, both in the Navy, sons of Larry Lisco.
Robert Stiffler, Marines, nephew of Steve Farkas.
Walter Hall, Marines, nephew of Carol Cox.
Brent May, Army, son of Jim May.
Eric Harmon, Marines, son of Jim Harmon.