Construction to begin on rental homes in village

CRAIG BEACH -- Construction is expected to start this spring on housing for low- and moderate-income residents, said Rose Peregrim, village clerk.
NRP Group, a Cleveland development company, received a $504,000 state loan this week to build 34 rental homes in the village.
The proposal last year created controversy, which caused village council to reject giving the project a letter of support. The developer had asked for council support to increase its chance of receiving the loan.
Residents said at a public hearing that they thought low-income housing would increase crime, but Mayor Camille Gala supported the plan.
Peregrim said she is impressed with the work NRP has done in Cleveland and expects the project will improve the village. She said the average value of the homes will be $129,000.
The developer continued working on the project despite council's lack of support. Now that the grant from the state's Low- and Moderate-Income Housing Trust Fund has been secured, NRP is expected to come to the village soon for building permits, Peregrim said.
The first part of the development would be on property bordered by Beach Lane, Hercules Drive and Triumph and Laurel avenues. Other homes would be build in other areas later.
Residents of the homes would pay rent for 15 years and then have the option of taking a mortgage on the property. During the first 15 years, they could change the homes but ownership would remain with NRP.