Zoning department notifies trustee of property violations

Officials suspect the problems will be rectified soon.
BOARDMAN -- Township zoning officials recently sent letters to a township trustee requesting that she clean up property that was in violation of township laws.
Trustee Kathy Miller and her husband, John, received two letters March 28 concerning complaints made about rental property the Millers own on Bonnie Place.
One letter says zoning officials conducted a field inspection of the property at 7379 and 7385 Bonnie Place and found a large amount of junk and debris including tires, rusted paint cans, discarded construction materials, scaffolding and other things around the garages and carports. The condition of the property, the letter says, is in violation of township home rule property maintenance regulations.
A second letter informed the Millers that a pickup truck said to have flat tires and expired plates and an unlicensed flatbed trailer would have to be removed from the property. The truck and flatbed are in violation of township rules on abandonment of equipment.
Cleanup deadline
The Millers were given seven days to clear the debris from the property and 14 days to take care of the truck and flatbed.
Darren Crivelli, zoning inspector, said the violations would be treated as if the property were owned by any township resident. Zoning officials will check the property again Monday, but Crivelli said he doesn't anticipate any problems in getting the property cleaned up.
Miller, who has owned the property for 22 years, said a construction worker has rented the property for the past six years and often keeps some of his equipment there.
Didn't know
Miller acknowledges there was an unlicensed lawn trailer on the property, but said she was not aware that leaving the trailer on the property is in violation of zoning regulations. She disputes other claims in the complaint and says her husband has rectified any problems.
"If you went to the property you could find people all around the area with things in their back yards. I am just saying let's not be reactive, but proactive, what else in the area needs to be taken care of," she said. "If it needs done, whether it's my property or anybody else's, lets just get it done."
According to zoning records, the Millers also were notified by the zoning office in 2001 of violations on property they own on Cook Avenue. Those problems were corrected.