SALEM Norfolk Southern to fix bumpy crossings

The railroad has assured the city administration the work will be done in coming weeks.
SALEM -- Motorists shouldn't have to endure bumpy railroad crossings in the city much longer, Service Director Joe Julian says. Norfolk Southern, which owns the railroad tracks that pass through the city, has assured administration officials that the uneven crossings will be repaired this summer, Julian said Tuesday.
"They promised me they will be done by July," he added.
The rough crossings have been a sore point for city council members, who have asked repeatedly that they be fixed. Some council members have been beset by gripes from constituents about the crossings' condition.
Motorists have complained that they fear damaging their vehicles when crossing the bumpy tracks.
"Council was pretty upset" by the deteriorated crossings, Julian said.
The city has been helpless to take on the work, however, because the crossings are considered private property.
Last week, Norfolk Southern work crews visited the city and applied some temporary patching material to some of the worst spots.
The patches are expected to last until more permanent fixes can be undertaken, Julian said.
Crossings to be repaired are at South Lincoln, South Ellsworth and Newgarden avenues, West Wilson, West Pershing and Mullins streets and Allen Road.
Once repairs begin, it's unclear whether traffic will be maintained, Julian said. But it appears likely that it will be, he added.
There will be no cost to the city for the repairs, he added.

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