YOUNGSTOWN Democrats appoint Nittoli to replace Sweirz in 7th Ward

John A. Nittoli got 10 of 18 votes cast on the second ballot.
YOUNGSTOWN -- John A. Nittoli says enforcement of city property maintenance codes will be a top priority for him.
"Whether you rent or you own a home in the 7th Ward, you will keep it up. No cars parked on the lawn. No trash," vowed Nittoli, who was appointed 7th Ward councilman replacing John R. Sweirz.
"I want to get the drugs off the streets, the gangs off the streets."
Nittoli, president of the Buckeye Eyes and Ears Blockwatch, was elected by Democratic precinct committee people of the ward, receiving 10 of 18 votes cast on the second ballot Tuesday evening.
Nittoli has been a 7th Ward resident 42 years and served two years on council in the 1990s.
"I know what the people in the 7th Ward want. They want city ordinances strictly enforced," he said.
The other candidates were Mark S. Memmer, Michael E. O'Hara and Kenneth J. Stanislaw, who remained in the running in the second ballot; and Wallace J. Dunne, Joseph F. Rafidi and Ronald P. Skowron, who were eliminated in the first ballot.
John Vivo withdrew from consideration before the first ballot.
Eighteen of 19 precinct committee people showed up to vote by secret ballot at Bobby D's Restaurant. Each candidate spoke for three minutes.
The vacancy was created when Swierz was appointed council president by precinct committee members from the entire city.
Nittoli will serve the remaining 20 months of Swierz's ward term and plans to run for the seat next year.
"Tomorrow morning, we're going to start working. Congratulations," said Swierz, who defeated Nittoli for the seat seven years ago.

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