Religion does not belong in U.S. public schools

Religion does not belong in U.S. public schools
I've read the various letters for and against the teaching of & quot;intelligent design & quot; in our public school classrooms with much interest. My significant other and I are expecting a baby girl within the next month, so anything that may affect the quality of my daughter's education is of heightened importance.
First off, to all those who believe in God or some other divine creator, thank your God that in this country you have the freedom to worship Him or Her in whatever fashion suits you. And thank your God once more that here in America you have the freedom to express your opinions (religious, secular or otherwise) with impunity -- at least from the law.
I read a letter to the editor today that filled me with disgust at the narrow-mindedness of the writer. She referred to those against "intelligent design" in public schools as "evil," and that the root of all our societal problems are because these & quot;evil & quot; powers have removed God from our schools' lesson plans. Ma'am, I hate to burst your bubble, but you only have to look as far as Afghanistan and the Taliban to see what happens when religion becomes entrenched in public education.
What really amazes me is that people think intelligent design will bring God back into the classroom. They couldn't be more wrong. One of the proposed alternative creation theories in the intelligent design lesson plan is that aliens may have created us and the world we live in. How does that sit with your Bible, Torah, Koran or whatever other book you live by?
I'll admit that there are some holes in the evolutionary timeline, but so far evolution is the only theory regarding our existence that actually has any solid, physical evidence to support it -- and new evidence is unearthed (literally) every day to fill in the gaps.
The public schools need to remain a religion-neutral place for our children to learn. Otherwise, whose religion should be taught? Yours? Mine? The X-Files? Religion should be rooted in the family, not in our schools. Teach your children what you believe in, and if your beliefs and your faith are strong your children will follow. If you don't want your child to learn about evolution, there are many excellent faith-based schools in this area who would gladly educate them.
All I ask is that my daughter has the opportunity to learn in a public school environment free from religious meddling of any kind -- her spiritual/religious upbringing is the right and responsibility of me and my partner, not you, not our government, and especially not our public school system.
America's wealth is not available to the workers
This is the greatest country in the world, a country with so much wealth that the class status and symbol that at one time was to be a millionaire and now to be elite is to be a billionaire. Companies owning Gulf Wing jets costing $45 million can travel from here to Tokyo on a tank of fuel non-stop. Companies go bankrupt and judges set aside millions of dollars for the CEOs and staff not thinking of the foundation of these companies that produced tangible products that were brought to market -- the only way to producer capital.
It seems more profitable for them to sell their stock, close the plant, take millions off the top and then sell it piece by piece. And the workers who have spent most or all of their lifetimes working under all kinds of conditions, end up with medical illnesses and prescriptions bills with nothing in return, not enough to take care of their expenses.
All of the House and Senate members, who have so many benefits that some don't use them all, know the problems. Why haven't they submitted and passed life-saving bills for the foundation of this country?
It all started with deregulation and the "let industry police itself" attitude of Ronald Reagan, the "great communicator."

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