Highlights of the contract which members of the United Nurses of America ratified Tuesday:
Pay: Raises of 4 percent effective Oct. 1 and parity by October 2003 with members' counterparts at Northside Medical Center in Youngstown.
Hourly rate: After the final pay raise, starting nurses will earn $21.86 an hour and those with more than 15 years' experience will earn $26.89 an hour. Nurses with special credentials will earn more. Shift differentials will add extra pay for some shifts.
Overtime: Full-time nurses can be required to work overtime no more than twice in a four-week period; part-time nurses no more than eight hours per four weeks. Nurses will be paid double-time on the second occasion.
Sick leave: Nurses are paid for the first day of sick leave. Previous contract allowed only three first-day payments a year.
Tuition reimbursement: Full-time nurses eligible for tuition reimbursement for six credit hours per year; part-time for three credit hours. Employees must agree to a two-year working commitment.
Agency nurses: Union agrees to use of agency nurses, but only under certain conditions.
Source: United Nurses of America

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