Austintown worker says she stole drugs

AUSTINTOWN -- A 39-year-old Ohltown Road woman told police Tuesday that she took a bottle of prescription painkillers from the home of her employer.
Police are planning to charge the woman with deception to obtain a dangerous drug. The woman had not been arrested as of this morning.
The woman's employer, a resident of Millcreek Drive in Boardman, told police Monday that the Vicodin bottle had been removed from her home. The Boardman woman also said that the prescription had been refilled after it was taken.
She added that her housekeeper had access to the Vicodin.
The Ohltown Road woman told police on Tuesday that she had taken the drug to help ease her back pain. She said she did not have medical insurance and couldn't afford treatment.
The Ohltown woman said she posed as her employer and refilled the prescription because she didn't think the bottle contained enough Vicodin for her pain.