Casino committee has Valley's interests at heart

Casino committee has Valley's interests at heart
The members of Casino For Youngstown Initiative are all God-loving Valley citizens whose only concern is to help our beloved city by trying to turn our economic situation around. None of our members are in this for personal, monetary gains. Our work is for nothing other than satisfaction in trying to help our Valley.
A letter in a recent Vindicator ridicules our looking at an Indian casino as a possible alternative in our initiative. For his information, the recognized tribe would get 51 percent of the casino's profits, and there are Indian tribes all over the country who are constantly looking for someone to develop an Indian casino in their area so they can obtain money to help their tribes survive. It is heartbreaking when our CFYC members are accused of greed and personal motives in our initiative.
Whether the negative letter writers believe it or not, they are in the minority in this area. According to reliable polls, as many as 75 percent of the people in the Valley support the Casino For Youngstown initiative.
Many of us on the CFY committee are World War II, Korean and Viet Nam vets and we know war. Our hearts are out to those who suffered because of the World Trade Center tragedy. Some of us were even in New York helping in the clean up and also many of us donated blood.
We members of CFYC want to help our town, not sit back, ridicule and poke fun at those who are really concerned.
Citizens help firefighters help families of those lost
September 11 was a tragic day in American history. Thousands of Americans needlessly lost their lives, including more than 300 New York City firefighters.
In recent weeks Warren Local 204 has conducted events to raise money for the families of those fallen firefighters including Boot Day, Fire and Thunder Parade and shirt sales. We have also received unsolicited monetary contributions for this effort. The money is being donated to the New York Fire 9/11 Relief Fund and is used to benefit the families of those firefighters who were lost.
On behalf of those families and Warren Local 204, we wish to sincerely thank all those citizens who helped either with the purchase of shirts, participated in the parade or by making a monetary contribution. I also wish to thank all those who helped us conduct these events. It is impossible to mention everyone that helped but be assured we appreciate their help and want to offer our deepest gratitude to them all.
I am sure the firefighters are at peace knowing that there are fellow Americans who are making sure that their loved ones are being taken care of.
X The writer is president of the Warren City Professional Firefighters IAFF Local 204.
Lordstown school levy is essential for education
Lordstown voters are on my mind and in my heart. Their schools' very existence is at stake. Someone paid for my education and their education, and we have an obligation to do the same for someone else's students.
Do the people of Lordstown care if their children attend an excellent school system?
Do they care if the teachers and staff are the best available? Do they have a commitment to provide a good education for the students who attend Lordstown Schools?
The levy committee has provided the financial facts. I still cherish the memories of inquiring minds and happy hearts. So much of my life today is a result of the influence of the Lordstown Schools.
I want you to know that the children of Lordstown Schools are always with me, right here in my heart where they belong.
X The writer is the retired superintendent of Lordstown Schools and the namesake of the Gordon D. James Career Center.