POLAND SCHOOLS Technology, funding are key issues

Both incumbents are seeking re-election.
POLAND -- Four candidates, including two incumbents, are looking to fill one of two seats on the Poland Board of Education.
Board members Laura Stacy and Hugh Gunn are seeking re-election. Residents Frank DiVito and Jeff Kosic are hoping for an opportunity to serve a first term on the board.
Stacy and Gunn tout their experience as board members, Stacy with 12 years and Gunn with 16 years, as major reasons they should be re-elected. Both also list other business-related experience they say is a major benefit to the board.
DiVito says his lifelong residency in the school district and experience in the business and technology fields make him a prime candidate for a board position.
According to Stacy, there are no major issues in the schools except to work to improve them with the best facilities, staff and materials possible. She said fiscal responsibility will be one of her priorities if re-elected.
Technology issue: DiVito said technology is a key issue in the school district. He said board members should be concerned not only with building adequate computer labs, but also with staffing the facilities with competent instructors who have strong technical backgrounds. He would also encourage teachers and parents to use the Internet to communicate about student progress.
The technology issue, said DiVito, along with maintaining a low student-to-teacher classroom ratio, up-to-date facilities and communication on school occurrences will be the priority should he be elected.
Gunn sees funding as a major priority for the board in the future. He said districts such as Poland must struggle to maintain facilities with little or no help from the state. He said this must be accomplished without placing too large a financial burden on the taxpayer.
Gunn said that if he is re-elected, his priority will be to continue to work toward creative means of financing to make the needed improvements. He also said improving the schools' curriculum and test scores to reflect the changing requirements of the 21st century is also imperative.