IN THE RUNNING | Who they are

Four candidates are running for two seats. An (* ) denotes incumbent:
Age: 62.Home: 1618 Custer-Orangeville Road.Employment: President, West Penn Nehi Bottling Co.Education: Brookfield High School; graduated from Youngstown University with history degree.Family: Wife, Mary, and three daughters.Priority: Keep the township on the track it is on now; continue working on sewer projects; buy new fire equipment with funds from a levy passed two years ago; and set up a system of zoning enforcement if zoning is approved by voters.
Age: 53.Home: 8164 Lorain St.Employment: Juvenile probation officer, Trumbull County Domestic Relations Court.Education: Brookfield High School; studied nursing at Penn State University and criminal justice at Youngstown State University.Family: Divorced; one child.Priority: Foster unity and peace among residents and trustees; establish additional new lighting districts; obtain a grant for resurfacing of park roadways; set aside money for road improvements; and work on bike and walking trails.
Age: 60.Home: 1784 Warner Road. Employment: Director of technology, Danieli Wean Ltd. Was a township trustee for four years.
Education: Sharon High School; graduated from Youngstown State University with a degree in mechanical engineering.Family: Wife, Annette; two children.Priority: Return professionalism to the board of trustees and make fiscal decisions in the best interest of residents.
Age: 59.Home: 6235 Amy Boyle Road.Employment: Retired electrician foreman, Penn Ohio Electric Co. Was a township trustee for eight years.
Education: Brookfield High School, electrical apprenticeship, two years at Youngstown State University.Priority: To attract business and industry and make Brookfield a place where young people can get an education and remain to work.