Growth-control is issue for trustee candidates

City growth needs to slow until infrastructure can catch up, candidates said.
COLUMBIANA -- Fairfield Township Trustee candidates want residential and commercial growth in the township and the city of Columbiana to be more controlled.
Six candiates, including two incumbents and two Columbiana councilmen, are seeking two trustee seats in the November election.
Although his Columbiana City Council term does not expire until 2003, Robert Hum II is running for township trustee.
Hum said trustees and city council should agree to a moratorium on further annexation of Fairfield Township land into the city.
A moratorium for a period of time would allow the city infrastructure to catch up with the growth, he said.
Zoning regulation: Both Hum and incumbent Wilmer Swope said maintaining the township's zoning regulation that housing lots be at least four acres is important in controlling growth.
Swope said he supports maintaining the requirement of a four-acre lot size in the township's agricultural and residential areas as a positive way to prevent loss of water availability and pollution problems.
Hum said if elected he will not change the four-acre requirement, and will "oppose any movement to do so."
He said he believes it to be his responsibility to keep the residents' interests in mind and "not worry about keeping greedy land developers happy at the expense of our residents."
Swope and Hum also see development of the former Fairfield School building and property as an important key to the township's future.
Trustees plan to use the former school for a township garage, meeting room for trustees, and a community center that could be used by township residents and civic groups.
Fred Grappy, a trustee since 1994, said that if he retains his seat on the three-member panel, his priorities will continue to be ensuring fiscal responsibility and the safety of township residents.
Grappy said trustees should purchase goods and services for the best price possible, to "protect the assets of the township and the hard-earned tax dollars of the citizens."
Trustee Carl Garwood's term expires in 2003.
John Payne, Columbiana County Board of Elections director, said that because the city of Columbiana is part of Fairfield Township, city residents are allowed to vote for township candidates, and eligible to seek township office.
Eligible for both: Hum and Columbiana City Councilman Leonard Pritchard, who is also a Fairfield Township Trustee candidate, are eligible for both city and township office. Hum lives in the Columbiana city limits and Pritchard in Fairfield Township.
Payne said Ohio allows for municipalities that grow within a township's borders to separate from the township if the residents vote to do so.
In Columbiana County, however, Payne said only East Liverpool and Wellsville residents have taken such action.