Four seek two vacant trustee positions

Zoning is a big issue with the candidates.
POLAND -- Four candidates, including one incumbent, are hoping to win one of two township trustee seats up for grabs in the November general election.
Trustee Franklin Bennett has opted not to run for another term. Trustee Mark Naples, however, has entered the race seeking a second term.
The remaining three candidates are Peter Sturbi, 4983 Center Road; Albert Sciulli, 5027 Miller Road; and Robert Lidle Jr., 2552 Stoner Ave. Sturbi previously served as trustee from 1978 to 1990, running again unsuccessfully in 1994 and 1998. Neither Sciulli nor Lidle hasheld public office.
It is experience that Sturbi thinks sets him apart from the other candidates. He said the board of trustees could use his 12 years of experience and makes it clear that he is running for the open seat and not against incumbent Naples.
Growth issue: All four candidates agree that township growth is an important issue Each candidate, however, has different opinions about what methods should be used in dealing with the growth.
Sturbi feels the township's rapid growth should be carefully balanced through zoning regulations in the residential district. The township is drafting revised zoning regulations.
Zoning regulations: Sciulli takes issue with the revised zoning regulations. He said the proposed changes go beyond the scope of zoning and regulate things zoning is not intended for, particularly in the area of home businesses.
Naples said the continued community growth needs to be properly managed for future budget requirements. Balancing the future needs with financial funding to meet added township service increases, he said, would be one of his major concerns.
Lidle said he is looking to assist the fire department in getting burn licenses for training purposes, to support the sidewalk leading Poland Seminary High School and to secure a grant for the beautification of the township.
Sciulli would like to get representatives from all zoning districts on the zoning board of appeals. In so doing, he said, all areas of the township would receive fair representation in zoning matters.
Sturbi's priorities include improving storm sewer and street paving programs, maintaining Poland historical heritage and proper spending of township funds.