CANFIELD TOWNSHIP Controlling development remains key issue in race for trustees seats

CANFIELD -- Controlling development is the main issue in the race for Canfield Township trustees.
Judy Bayus, an incumbent and retired teacher, said she believes township residents favor controlled residential development instead of large business and commercial development. She said that if re-elected she will use "sound zoning" enforcement to ensure that residential development can continue without overtaking the township.
Bayus also said she believes past trustees have been "too liberal" when raising the salaries of township employees, and that she will approach future contract negotiations with those employees "very carefully." She added that she would like to work out a revenue-sharing agreement with the city and township.
Emphasis on zoning: Charles C. Petzinger, the president of a travel service and a candidate in last year's county recorder race, also cited zoning as the key to controlling development in the township. He said that as a trustee, he would use "strong zoning" to develop the township into a bedroom community like Hudson instead of a commercial area like Boardman.
Petzinger added that he wants to be aggressive in providing water and sewer services to different parts of the township. He also stressed that he wants to keep township taxes low.
Bill Reese, who has served on the zoning board of appeals for the past decade including the past five years as chairman, says the township must focus on controlling growth at a slow level. Reese, who owns a construction company, also wants to examine the possibility of establishing a Canfield water district.
Youngest candidate: Joseph A. Gregory, a recent Youngstown State University graduate and former Student Government president, said that if elected, he will check that developers are respectable before permitting them to build in the township. That will help prevent haphazard development in the township, he said.
Gregory, who is the youngest candidate, noted that he has never attended a trustees meeting and has never examined the township budget or zoning code. He added that he would like to establish a township police force.
Others: Edward J. Bernat, a retired GM Lordstown employee, stressed that he wants Canfield to remain a "very quiet little town." He said he wasn't sure how he would control commercial development in the township if he is elected.
The two candidates who earn the most votes in the general election will win a four-year term as a trustee. Current Trustee William Weaver is not running for re-election.