TRUMBULL ATHLETIC CONFERENCE Eagles add finishing touch to perfect year

Anthony Smith scored three touchdowns in the 28-0 win over Brookfield.
HUBBARD -- Ten and 0.
It has a nice ring to it and the Hubbard community is enjoying the sound of the school's first 10-0 football season after the playoff-bound Eagles bounced Brookfield 28-0 Friday.
"When you have the opportunity for a 10-0 season, some special things have to happen," Hubbard coach Jeff Bayuk said. "We've got some special kids. They've been unselfish, giving up personal gain to help achieve this."
The Eagles, as usual, were led by Anthony Smith, who rushed through the snow, sleet and rain for three touchdowns, finishing as Hubbard's all-time single-season rusher (1,658 yards) and passing the 4,000-yard mark for his career.
"You can't say enough about his athleticism," Bayuk said of the senior tailback. "And he'd be the first to tell you that without the blocking of his lineman and the other backs he wouldn't have that success."
Smith scored from 17 and 9 yards out in the first half and raced in from 53 yards away in the third period. Jared Jordan scored Hubbard's first touchdown. Winning has become commonplace at Hubbard in Bayuk's 11 seasons. Friday's win was the 101st of his tenure and clinched the Trumbull Athletic Conference title outright.
Don't think the Eagle fans haven't noticed. Mike Ferrett, president of the Hubbard Gridiron Club and a longtime Hubbard football follower, praised Bayuk for increasing the number of kids playing football.
"When Coach Bayuk came, he had about 30 kids on the varsity. Now they've got 25 or so in each grade," Ferrett said. "He has good contact with the kids and gets them to want to come out."
The Hubbard fans come out too, another asset of the program.
"The football program here always has had a good fan following, win or lose," said Pete Ferrett, brother of Mike and another longtime Eagle fan.
Bayuk appreciates the support. "The fans of Hubbard deserve this," he said of the 10-0 season.
Home game: Hubbard is expected to host a first-round playoff game when the pairings are announced Sunday.
Bayuk has the Eagles ready for bad November weather.
"We have a four-wheel drive offense running out of the stacked-I, and we think we can move the ball in any weather," he said. "The wet field tonight limited the cutting ability of Anthony and Jared Jordan, but we got a good push up front."
As the Hubbard coaching staff prepares for the playoffs, they probably will take some time to reflect on what their team accomplished.
Bayuk said, "I've talked to a lot of coaches over the years and not many have been involved in a 10-0 season, so it's‚ pretty special."