Local Navy man serves to make America proud

Local Navy man serves to make America proud
Right now as you sit at home, I am on the United States guided missile cruiser the Vella Gulf, currently deployed with the battle group Theodore Roosevelt.
On Sept. 11, our ship was deployed to the New York city region to act as air defense to all incoming and outgoing aircraft that flew throughout the skies. Acting as we were we knew that our job was substantial and the crew was honestly shaken by the attack, we still deployed in under two hours.
What will happen when we deploy for real? Are we going to the gulf as planned or will we go to Afghanistan? Because of security, I am not allowed to say which place we went to and where we are going but may God have mercy on their souls if we do go to war.
This country will not stand for terrorism and will show by force or by bombshell that we will not give up and we will never surrender.
I will never forget the sight of the two tallest buildings I have ever seen in my life fall to the ground in rubble. It is a shame. This is why we do our jobs. This is why we enlisted or we commissioned to the U.S military, to serve our country proudly.
We dropped everything to get this war ship under way within hours and were successful in doing so. That shows that we are ready for anything at any time, always on alert, always standing the watch.
Fire controlman 3rd ClassAboard the USS Vella Gulf
X The writer, a 1999 graduate of Austintown Fitch, notes that he had never been out of Ohio until he joined the Navy. He writes, "this is my first time without the security of my father and mother looking over me and telling me what is right and what is wrong.."
Fundamentalist Muslims don't hold freedom dear
This is in response to a letter on last Sunday's editorial page of The Vindicator by a confessed Muslim by choice, who found a column by Cal Thomas to be full of hate-filled words that were divisive and hurtful.
First, let me say that as a resident of Mahoning Valley, I always believed The Vindicator was the people's paper.
The writer of the referred to letter uses the buzz words of pluralism, diversity, freedom of religion, and freedom of speech. She suggests that Thomas' diversity and freedom of speech should not be allowed to appear in her newspaper.
I have read the article by Thomas that I believe is referred to in her letter. I found it to be about the beliefs and teachings of the radical fundamentalist Muslims. The words that I would find to be hateful are not Thomas' words, but those from the quotes of the Koran.
No place in the writer's letter did I see a comment about the true hateful acts perpetrated on our citizens Sept.11, by the organization of Osama bin Laden, which is supported by the radical fundamentalist Muslim regime of the Taliban. Many Muslims danced with joy at the news of that hateful attack. Those are acts that would not bring any degree of respect for any religion, at least not from me.
It should not be necessary to remind the citizens of this great nation that under any government ruled by radicals, there are no freedoms of pluralism, diversity, religious choice or speech. There is certainly no liberty and justice for all under such rulers.
Too many good men have fought and died to preserve our precious freedoms. To them, this nation owes a debt it could never repay. These freedoms are still worth fighting and even dying for. Yes, that means even fighting the Islamic fundamentalists who would have us change our ways.
Ohio lawmakers should support prescription bill
Can readers afford the drugs that their doctors have prescribed for them? Have they had to chose between buying food, paying bills or getting their prescriptions filled? Sadly, many people have to make those decisions every day.
Ohio has before it a great opportunity to stop its citizens from having to make those choices. It may be an opportunity missed unless the people of Ohio demand that their state representatives and senators pass the bills before them, H.B. 290 and S.B. 127.
State Rep. Dale Miller and State Sen. Robert Hagan have offered a common sense cure that will help all Ohio residents meet the skyrocketing cost of prescription drugs. The plan is simple and already working in Maine and other states.
The plan is inclusive. It covers children and the elderly. Best of all, it is done at no cost to the taxpayer. Another plan was pushed through the house, but this offering is very limited and leaves too many Ohioans without the help they so desperately need.
H.B. 290 and S.B. 127 are what Ohio needs. Don't allow this opportunity to pass us by.
Racism, a problem of the heart, can be addressed
This letter is in response to the Oct. 17 article by Ian Hill about racism in the Valley. There is no doubt that this has been and continues to be a problem in this community but the article was so one sided and divisive in its very essence that at best it can only be termed irresponsible journalism.
The author seems to be implying that all racism here in the Valley is solely perpetrated by whites against other racial minorities. There is as much racism in the hearts of the ethnic communities in our Valley as there is in the hearts of the white community. And therein lies the rub. It's a problem of the heart, not of the head.
It's interesting that the author gives us no hint of his immediate reaction to these incidents of racism. Did he bravely stand up for the minorities being downgraded at the time of the offense, or did he smile at the jokes and say nothing, retreating to the fortress of his pen and paper?
His solution to the complex problem: crossing his fingers and & quot;education. & quot; His country is home to some of the most articulate and highly educated bigots that can be found anywhere. The Rev. Jesse Jackson is a good example.
No, when you have a problem of the heart like racism you need to change hearts. Throwing all of the money in the world at the problem won't change it.
The author needs to investigate the inroads to racial reconciliation that nationwide organizations like Promise Keepers are making, or better yet look at what local churches like Highway Tabernacle or Believers Christian Fellowship or many others here in the Valley are doing to change men's hearts.
Let's be fair and responsible when looking at a problem.