Racism, a problem of the heart, can be addressed

Racism, a problem of the heart, can be addressed
This letter is in response to the Oct. 17 article by Ian Hill about racism in the Valley. There is no doubt that this has been and continues to be a problem in in this community but the article was so one sided and divisive in its very essence that at best it can only be termed irresponsible journalism.
The author seems to be implying that all racism here in the valley is solely perpetrated by whites against other racial minorities. There is as much racism in the hearts of the ethnic communities in our valley as there is in the hearts of the white community. And therein lies the rub. It's a problem of the heart, not of the head.
It's interesting that the author gives us no hint of his immediate reaction to these incidents of racism. Did he bravely stand up for the minorities being downgraded at the time of the offense, or did he smile at the jokes and say nothing, retreating to the fortress of his pen and paper.
His solution to the complex problem; crossing his fingers and & quot;education & quot;. his country is home to some of the most articulate and highly educated bigots that can be found anywhere. The Reverend Jesse Jackson is a good example.
No, when you have a problem of the heart like racism you need to change hearts. Throwing all of the money in the world at the problem won't change it.
The author needs to investigate the inroads to racial reconciliation that nationwide organizations like Promise Keepers are making or better yet look at what local churches like Highway Tabernacle or Believers Christian Fellowship or many others here in the Valley are doing to change men's hearts.
Let's be fair and responsible when looking at a problem.