MAILROOMS Security plan

What businesses can do to safeguard against bioterrorism attacks via the mail:
UMinimize the number of people who handle mail.
UIsolate mail from most employees by designating a specific area of the company or plant for mail sorting purposes. If possible, select a place that is geographically separated from the rest of the operation.
UMake sure the mailroom can be sealed. The company must be capable of closing off heating and cooling systems and exits from the area. Air ducts should be shut off and doors secured when there is a perceived threat.
UFace masks, gloves and protective clothing such as coveralls should be available for all mailroom employees and used whenever a threat is suspected.
UInform employees that they must be vigilant in reporting anything they hear or see that could be seen as a threat to the company.
UContact the Mahoning County Emergency Management Agency for a security survey to learn other ways to improve safety.
Source: Walter M. Duzzny, director, Mahoning County Emergency Management Agency