Let those who want casino build it near their homes

Let those who want casino build it near their homes
This letter is addressed to all those people who all of a sudden have become so concerned with the economic state of Youngstown, and are going out of their way to try and bring a casino into the city.
The person who claims to be the group's coordinator and lives in Beaver Township stated in The Vindicator that a casino would give the city many rewards including pride. What makes him think that all we need is a casino to instill pride in Youngstown? I for one am very proud of where I live and can guarantee you and anyone else that I am not alone in my assumption.
If he and the rest of his group are so concerned with the city's economy, did they bring their families during the four days of city fest downtown to help boost our economy? Were they here?
Yet his group is trying to petition an Indian tribe into the area in an effort to receive federal recognition. If his scheme succeeds and a casino is built here, then he along with everyone else who wants this to happen can come down here, have their fun, climb back into their cars, go back to where they live and not worry about the effects that a place like this could create -- be they positive or negative.
I have a better idea. Why doesn't he push to have a casino built in the suburbs where everything else is built or in his neighborhood, and we can all go there?
For sake of the future, Liberty voters should support school levy
It is a beautiful fall Sunday afternoon, and everything is as it should be in Liberty Township. Halloween decorations are making their way up; elections are around the corner, and neighborhood kids are playing rousing games of backyard football, imitating of course, their favorite varsity Liberty football players. Things are normal, things are good.
At Liberty High School, things are also as they should be. Homecoming came and went beautifully. Golf season has brought home a Tac-8 championship, and we are in the middle of our football season, which for many community members, is the finest time of year.
As a senior at LHS, I am experiencing much emotion in my last year. Many times, I feel somber, having to say, "This will be my last time."
However, through all of my ups and downs, there to back me up and comfort me, has been my school.
In my life, I have learned that the people I meet and the places I go that fill my soul with an indescribable feeling of virtue and wonder are the places that are not only truly meaningful but always remembered as well. Liberty High School is one of these places. It draws me into its feelings of community and honor.
I find myself amazingly attached to every aspect of what goes on behind its walls, for they do not just shelter a building, they shape lives, whether it by a dance, pep rally or a teacher staying after class to help. These are the unforgettable memories I will soon leave behind.
Though soon I will be leaving, I fear that the students to come may not share in the same good fortune as I have. If on Nov. 6, the renewal of our emergency levy does not pass I fear for that future students may not be shaped by the same LHS that has influenced me so greatly.
I ask voters to think back to high school and remember the pride, excitement, spirit and love of an amazing place. When voting day comes around, I ask you to please remember your past and vote with your heart.
Ronald Reagan once said, "Every generation stands on the shoulders of the generation that came before."
The time is now. Your children need your help. Lift them up on your shoulders.