Marriage licenses
Cleveland A. Jackson, 36, of 67 N. Truesdale Ave., Youngstown, and Tawanda L. Fuller, 29, of 1732 Atkinson Ave., Youngstown.
Curtis D. Brown, 36, of 1158 Berwick Ave., Youngstown, and Tracie L. Hollinger, 38, of 455 Albert St., Youngstown.
Jody Gabriele, 40, of 352 Elm Ave., Sharon, and Jamie M. Crawford, 19, of 1215 Roemer Blvd., Farrell.
Michael J. Russo, 52, of R.D. 6, Old Butler Road, New Castle, and Barbara A. Strawbridge, 46, of 143 Terrace Drive, Ellwood City.
Rodney A. Griffin, 22, of 1534 Shehy St., Youngstown, and Marvetta Lawrence, 22, of 1713 Cromwell Ave., Youngstown.
Scott P. Albaugh, 20, of 56 Rhoda Ave., Youngstown, and Melissa A. Culver, 20, of same.
Corey J. Graham, 21, of 13180 Silica Road, North Jackson, and Marranda J. Wilson, 20, of same.
Mason L. Thomas, 29, of 2406 Cooper St., Youngstown, and Tina R. McCullen, 27, of same.
Michael Leskanic, 25, Pittsburgh, and Jolayne J. Madacsi, 23, of 163 S. Kimberly Ave., Austintown.
Divorces asked
Neilda Ortiz, 1322 Himrod Ave., Youngstown, vs. Jose L. Placeres, 226 Dupont St., Youngstown.
Jennifer Bukovinsky-Matasic, 5996 Torolo Lane, Lowellville, vs. Stephen C. Matasic II, 856 Carlton Drive, Campbell.
Jack M. Semancik Jr., 9009 Struthers Road, New Middletown, vs. Michelle Semancik, 9009 Struthers Road, New Middletown.
Michelle A. Semancik, 9009 Struthers Road, New Middletown, vs. Jack M. Semancik Jr., 9009 Struthers Road, New Middletown.
Sharen L. Carlozzi, 91 Red Grouse Court, Youngstown, vs. Matthew A. Carlozzi Jr., 1175 E. Calla Road, B-202, Poland.
Dissolutions asked
Michael Schriner, 1490 Maplecrest Drive, Austintown, and Diane Schriner, 3910 Dunbar Ave., Austintown.
Rose Mary Wynn, 476 Elm St., Struthers, and Thomas Wynn, 218 Wilcox Road, Austintown.
Jacky Lynn Wilding, 7626 Red Fox Drive, Boardman, and Warren Roy Wilding, 2966 E. Midlothian Blvd., Struthers.
Vince Patterson, 2319 Buckeye Circle, Poland, and Renee Patterson, 3042 Spitler Road, Poland.
New complaints
Patricia Potts vs. James S. Jones et al, money.
In re: 1973 Yamaha RD 350 Motorcycle, request for certificate of title.
James S. Griffiths et al vs. Northside Medical Center et al, money.
Carole Papini vs. William Ballas, money.
Bank One NA vs. Clark W. Eckenrode et al, foreclosure.
National City Bank et al vs. John L. Aydent Sr. et al, foreclosure.
Sallie Mae Servicing LP vs. Brenn I. Gabriel, money.
LaSalle Bank NA vs. Walter T. Nuby et al, money.
Liberty Savings Bank FSB vs. Vincent E. Mitzel et al, money.
Entire Enviro Inc. et al vs. Tire Terminators Inc. et al, money.
Developing World Trading Co. Inc. vs. TRH Inc., money.
Equicredit Corp. of America vs. Luther P. Thomas Jr. et al, money.
Same vs. Jose L. Mundy Sr. et al, money.
Same vs. Frank P. Paldino et al, money.
Janice E. Maloy et al vs. Eric R. Totten et al, money.
Charles T. Patton vs. Director, Industrial Commission of Ohio et al, notice of appeal from decision of workers' compensation.
Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc. vs. Joanne Fiumara et al, foreclosure.
Docket entries
State vs. Jamal Wingo, court revokes community control and imposes sentence of one year for community control violation.
Same vs. Oscar C. Teague Jr., court imposes 12 months for possession of cocaine in violation of community control.
Norwest Mortgage Inc. vs. Gary P. Beatty et al, judgment entry and decree.
Alliance Mortgage Co. vs. Leroy C. Green et al, confirmation of sale and distribution.
Waterfield Mortgage vs. Kathryn F. Carr et al, confirmation of sale and distribution.
Home Savings and Loan Co. vs. Alex Terrago, dec'd et al, confirmation and distribution.
Robert J. Wargo vs. Phyllis M. Steepleton, settled.
Alliance Mortgage Co. vs. Barbara J. Huey et al, confirmation of sale and distribution.
Leader Mortgage Co. vs. Ruth J. Freeman et al, confirmation of sale and distribution.
Montreal Hockey vs. McAndrew Athletics Corp. et al, dismissed.
James A. Ciccolelli et al vs. Rhikki L. Herreman et al, settled .
Home Savings and Loan vs. Robert L. Mayer et al, confirmation and distribution.
Altegra Credit vs. Joseph P. Daugherty et al, judgment entry and decree.
Federal National Mortgage vs. Elaine C. Davis et al, judgment entry and decree.
Bank One vs. John L. Harper et al, foreclosure.
Cerni Motors vs. Penn Ohio Pallet, dismissed.
Power Tool and Supply Inc. vs. Commercial Industrial, default judgment for plaintiff.
First National Bank of Pa. vs. David A. McCreary et al, default judgment for plaintiff.
U.S. Bank vs. Richardo R. Quinones et al, judgment entry and decree.
William Wright et al vs. Raymond J. Rich Jr. etal, settled with conditions.
First Place Bank vs. Jeffrey S. Mitchell et al, dismissed.
ABN Amro Mortgage vs. Paris H. Buford et al, foreclosure.
Barbara Gambone et al vs. Eric Nicholas et al, settled.
Mahoning National Bank of Youngstown vs. Audrey A. Hurst et al, foreclosure.
Lucille Skarote vs. Rufus N. Humphrey Jr. et al, dismissed.
Michalena H. Poloskey vs. Efrain Maldonado, settled.
Angelina Sevi vs. Dr. James Leonelli et al, Dr. Albert M. Bleggi only dismissed.
Jason E. Brown vs. Leo Creighton et al, settled.
Probate court
Will of Thomas A. Remner: estate to wife, Maria.
Real estate transfers
John J. Handusek to Robert L. Rammuno et al, Austintown Twp., $106,000.
Antoun G. Dibo et al to Steven P. Richards et al, Poland Twp., $179,000.
Nicholas Manos et al to Theodore Soroka, Canfield, $70,000.
Sherry A. Ligotti et al to James P. Vaught et al, Youngstown, $53,500.
Susan B. Gough to North End Land Company Inc., Sebring, $20,000.
Charles H. Kelly III to James A. Carter, Youngstown, $7,000.
Mill Creek Homes Ltd. to Heather Tabachino, Canfield, $218,200.
William E. Morgan et al to Therese Biroscak, Youngstown, $74,900.
Dorothy Graziano et al to Margaret M. Jackson et al, Poland Twp., $50,000.
Kim Kmetz et al to Paul J. Guerrieri, Youngstown, $16,500.
J.W. Rice Construction Co. Inc. to Rhonda J. Schuler et al, Boardman Twp., $295,000.
Gran Mar Inc. to William J. Layton et al, Austintown Twp., $118,595.
DiCioccio Construction Ltd. to Edwin D. Dolby et al, Poland Twp., $126,403.
Lynn R. Bartholomew et al to Michael S. Golubic et al, Canfield, $228,000.
Ryan O'Lear et al to Howard Mickel et al, Youngstown, $39,250.
Damon L. Petrick et al to Richard A. Morris et al, Youngstown, $7,500.
U.S. Bank NA trustee to Williamson GMC Trucks Inc., Smith Twp., $26,900.
John N. Mann et al to Donald P. Lubonovic et al, Milton Twp., $162,000.
John N. C. Mann et al to Rosh D. Lago et al, Milton Twp., $26,284.
Bank One NA trustee to William J. Wiery et al, Boardman Twp., $60,000.
Allan Cobourn et al to G. Byron Abrigg et al, Canfield Twp., $485,000.
Bartholomew Builders to William W. Bartell Jr. et al, Boardman Twp., $194,721.
Michelle R. Kalish etal to Allen Shuster, Austintown Twp., $67,000.
Richard L. Eberth Sr. et al to John A. Prosenjak, trustee, Austintown Twp., $119,000.
Bankruptcies/Chapter 7
Joseph D. Campana, 523 E. Philadelphia Ave., Youngstown, and Cynthia H. Campana, 510 Boardman-Canfield Road, Apt. 26, Boardman, he: auto worker, General Motors Corp.; she: polysomnographic technologist, Humility of Mary Health Partners; liabilities, $134,041; assets, $53,850.
Herschel H. Fordham Jr., 6883 Lockwood, Apt. 234, Boardman, truck driver, Youngstown Street Dept.; liabilities, $53,041; assets, $23,505.
Robert A. Carr, 4475 Kirk Road, Apt. 6, Austintown, bailor operator, General Motors Corp.; liabilities, $47,999; assets, $29,220.
Darien L. Ballinger, 123 Monroe St., Apt. A, Campbell, steel worker, Duterco Farrell Corp.; liabilities, $22,577; assets, $9,535.
LaShaunda A. Franklin, 4910 Brookwood, Apt. 5, Boardman, assembler, General Motors; liabilities, $44,422; assets, $1,645.
Michael W. and Diana L. Gaitanis, 418 Whipple Ave., Campbell, he: Indalex Inc.; she: Boardman O.P. Surg.; liabilities, $146,617; assets, $44,735.
William J. Sutak, 520 Lincoln St., Struthers, manager, The Villa; liabilities, $36,219; assets, $415.
Cynthia L. Gentile, 26 Douglas Drive, Campbell, custodian, Board of Education; liabilities, $8,537; assets, $200.
Carole Griffiths, 4890 Brookwood, Apt. 2, Boardman, sales, Linens and Things; liabilities, $18,954; assets, $1,050.
Terry L. and Penny S. Umstead, 1719 Main St., Wellsville, he: disabled; she: manager, Quick King; liabilities, $30,584; assets, $6,250.
Alfreda Calderon, 1388 N. Osborne B, Youngstown, telemarketer, Infocision Management Corp.; liabilities, $15,918; assets, $4,300.
Kimmi A. Ford, aka Kimmi A. Ebert, 460 S. Raccoon Road C11, Austintown, homemaker; liabilities, $17,985; assets, $2,350.
George E. and Audrey E. Argeras, 6806 Clingan Road, Poland, he: sales representative, Monumental Life Insurance; she: beautician, Hair Studio 17 Inc.; liabilities, $248,511; assets, $118,713.
Tameka T. Patterson, 956 Plaza View Court, Youngstown, direct care staff, Consumer Support Services; liabilities, $15,833; assets, $600.
Gregory L. Clementi, Boardman, and Sharon L. Clementi, Boardman; he: police officer, YSU Police Dept.; she: none; liabilities, $41,981; assets, $17,660.
Bankruptcies/Chapter 13
Richard W. and Margaret R. Burns, 3120 Pine Hollow Drive, Youngstown, he: barber, self; liabilities, $75,230; assets, $23,945.
Freddie L. Jr. and Rachelle E. Caldwell, 235 Hilton Ave., Youngstown, he: assistant manager, Advance Auto; she; dietary aide, Carrington South; liabilities, $86,800; assets, $61,420.
Jonathan Lockinvar Little, 490 W. LaClede Ave., Youngstown, retired; liabilities, $33,800; assets, $12,400.
Donna M. Cappitte, 1216 Arch St., Youngstown, shift supervisor, CVS; liabilities, $10,600; assets, $1,905.