HAIR HINTS Repairing summer damage

It's safe to say that the summer vacation souvenir most people can do without is sun damage to their hair. L'Oreal offers simple solutions to some common post-summer hair woes.
If hair color looks dull and dry, try a deep conditioning treatment weekly and, for color-treated hair, on the day before your next touch up.
If natural blond highlights are beginning to dim and "winter roots" are showing, use artificial blond highlights. Or try a tone-on-tone hair color by using a shade that falls somewhere between your sun-lightened color and your natural color; this technique will blend away the roots and even the color until next summer.
If frequent swimming in a pool has turned hair a greenish tone, use a hot oil treatment. And remember to always rinse hair with tap water immediately after swimming in chlorinated or salt water.
If you want to keep your hair long but ponytails seem too summery, try framing your face with color highlights. Translucent strands of color will brighten your hair and draw attention to your face.
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