Austintown police investigate 6 reports of criminal damaging

AUSTINTOWN -- Six reports of criminal damaging were filed with township police during the weekend.
According to police, a Chaucer Lane woman said a BB gun had been used to shoot out her garage window late Thursday or early Friday.
Another report states that a car was damaged early Friday while it was parked in front of a Maple Springs Drive home. A neighbor said she saw four or five young men beat the car with baseball bats before driving away.
Yet another report states that someone spray-painted the word moo on the back of a minivan late Saturday or early Sunday while it was parked in a Rosemont Drive driveway.
Police also are investigating a report that a manhole cover was removed from the parking lot of the Compass West apartments. A Hemlock Drive resident ran over the uncovered manhole Friday afternoon, causing the tire of the car he was driving to blow out.
After the accident, someone placed a lawn chair in the manhole to prevent others from driving through the area, police said.
Another report states that a Youngstown man punched and dented the hood of his girlfriend's car early Saturday in a Burkey Road driveway. The couple had been arguing in the car a few moments before it was dented.
The man told police that he caused the dent and said he would fix it.