Divorces asked
Jamie Stull, 130 Beechwood St., East Liverpool, vs. Dawn Stull, 1708 Alpha St., East Liverpool.
Joyce Minamyer, 1447 W. State St., Salem vs. Rolland Minamyer, of same.
Divorces granted
Lorinda Lamp vs. Edward Lamp.
Dissolutions asked
James Boyer, 49200 Purinton Ave., East Liverpool, and Dorothy Boyer, 1254 Francis St., East Liverpool.
Dissolutions granted
Michele Rosado and Joe Rosado.
New complaints
Kevin Payne et al vs. Jared Knepper et al, personal injury.
Carter Lumber Co. vs. D.R.Y. Construction, money.
Sky Bank vs. Sherryn Swagger, money.
Same vs. Steve Amos et al, money.
Same vs. Patricia Wolfe et al, money.
Midway Motor Sales Inc. vs. Waters Cleaning Service and Supply, money.
Maxine Netti vs. K-Mart Corp., personal injury.
Docket entries
Copelco Capital vs. Columbiana Care Center Inc., judgment for Copelco for $78,529.
Real estate transfers
Jonathan Herwig et al to Charles Dorn et al, Middleton Twp., $32,000.
Walter Dyke et al to Jeffrey Pelkowski et al, Middleton Twp., $54,000.
Jeffrey Pelkowski et al to Joy Smith, Middleton Twp., $87,375.
Donald Holloway to Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Middleton Twp., $40,000.
Sue Cunningham et al to James Tsilimos et al, Elkrun Twp., $58,000.
Joseph Kerr et al to Carol Craig, St. Clair Twp., $95,000.
Grace Bible Ministries Inc. to Kathryn Davis, St. Clair Twp., $12,500.
Titan Construction Inc. to James Kerr et al, Columbiana, $127,600.
Mary Oliver to William Godfrey et al, Columbiana, $113,000.
Lyle Taylor et al to Frank Armstrong et al, Fairfield Twp., $82,222.
Excel Properties to Gregory Courtney et al, Salem, $1.2m.
John Hall et al to Chase Manhattan Mortgage, Salem, $30,000.
Robert Brooks et al to Tabitha Newlin, Madison Twp., $89,900.
Douglas Hoppel to Harold Johnston, Madison Twp., $35,000.
Bruce Schiler et al to Tyler Nicholson et al, Salem Twp., $16,800.