HOWLAND Land owners try to rezone for more use

The county planning commission recommended against one of the requests.
HOWLAND -- Property owners on East Market Street and North Road N.E. are seeking to have land rezoned to allow more intensive commercial use.
The Howland Township Zoning Commission will review a request Tuesday by Beverly Petrosky to allow a 1-acre residential property to be rezoned for retail or commercial use.
The single-family home at 170 North Road N.E., is beside Rite-Aid at Market Street and North Road N.E.
Petrosky is seeking to have it zoned to permit any kind of commercial or retail building up to 10,000 square feet, with plans subject to review by township trustees.
The Trumbull County Planning Commission recommended instead that the property be rezoned office/institutional, a designation that does not allow most retail uses.
Ceramics shop: The commission will also consider a request by Benjamin P. Taylor to rezone 8480 E. Market St. to allow a ceramics shop to be reopened.
Mayflower Ceramics had been allowed to operate on the site, which is zoned office/institutional, because the business predated the zoning designation, said Gordon McLean, the township zoning inspector.
The business has been closed for more than two years. To reopen it, the owners need to have the zoning changed to a designation that allows light retail use.
The county planning commission recommended that the request be approved, McLean said.
Township trustees have the final word on both requests.