FARRELL 2 charged, suspended after blast

The two students accused in the mischief have been placed in a juvenile detention center.
FARRELL, Pa.-- Police and school officials said they aren't taking lightly the intentional detonation of an explosive device in Farrell High School.
Two students believed to be responsible for the blast have been suspended for 10 days and face felony charges in juvenile court.
Police said they were called to the school on Roemer Boulevard around 1:45 p.m. Tuesday after someone detonated what authorities compared to "a quarter stick of dynamite" in a plastic recycling container in the hallway just outside the cafeteria.
Police and fire officials inspected the blast and a state police fire marshal was called in as well, said Police Chief Joseph Timko.
"It was more than a cherry bomb," Timko said, adding that police have a duplicate of the device, and it measures 21/2 inches long by 11/8 inches in diameter.
The two students, a 17-year-old senior and a 16-year-old sophomore, have been placed in a juvenile detention center and will be charged with causing or risking a catastrophe, criminal mischief, arson and conspiracy.
"Farrell won't tolerate this," said Richard Rubano, school superintendent.
"I consider it serious and extremely dangerous," he said, noting that no students were near the recycling can when it was destroyed by the blast.
The two students could also be expelled, Rubano said, noting he will present the case to the school board.
No one hurt: There were no injuries and no damage to the wall or floor, Rubano said, adding that it was his understanding that the device was the equivalent of an M-80 firecracker.
Rubano said the students set off the device "just to be cute" but authorities aren't treating it as a harmless prank.