Marriage licenses
Christopher S. Phillips, 23, of 6341 St. Andrews Drive #2, Canfield, and Selena D. Banks, 24, of 334 Mistletoe Ave., Youngstown.
Anthony R. Daprile, 24, of 510 Deer Run Drive, Boardman, and Amy D. Allsopp, 25, of same.
Thomas J. Lakin Jr., 28, Brooklyn, N.Y., and Kristin J. Bundy, 27, of same.
Jeffrey M. Grdic, 29, of 110 Kings Lane, Canfield, and Elizabeth B. Fleming, 28, of 4055 S. Turner Road, Canfield.
David J. Barker, 28, of 902 Wabash St., Youngstown, and Nichole D. Myers, 27, of same.
Rocco DiGennaro, 39, of 47 Henry Drive, Struthers, and Theresa L. Zakrewski, 36, of 8451 Hitchcock Road, Boardman.
Walid H. Elshalabi, 27, of 510 Boardman-Canfield Road, Boardman, and Gloria Jo Talley, 33, of 6930 Ellesmare, Knoxville, Tenn.
Robert M. Gostey, 27, of 2745 Spring Meadow Circle, Austintown, and Erica L. Getz, 28, of same.
Robert Slepski, 63, of 6757 Poland Center Drive, Poland, and Karen A. Erskine, 58, of 2242 Lexington Ave., Salem.
Patrick E. Taylor, 28, of 250 S. Osborn Ave., Youngstown, and Patricia A. Mate, 32, of same.
Probate Court
Will of Frances Kikel: estate to sister-in-law, Elizabeth Kikel, with specific bequests.
Will of Helen V. Bernat: estate to husband, Anthony, and sisters, Catherine Hay, Irene Galambossy, Mary Lautner and Margaret Niggel.
Will of Anthony A. Tabachino: estate to wife, Heather.
Will of Leonard L. Porter: estate to children, Larry C. and Ross L. Porter and Jill A. Doud.
Will of Loretta K. Davis: estate to Eileen Flora and St. Charles Church of Boardman.
Will of Lottie Wagner: estate to children, Richard J. Wagner and Jeanne A. Golle.
Will of Kenneth Evan Smith: estate to wife, Janet.
Will of Lynea J. Rose: estate to husband, Carl.
Will of Roy C. Gries: estate to wife, Kathryn.
Real estate transfers
Kathleen Seeger to Lyle Q. Taylor, Youngstown, $67,500.
Douglas H. Huebener et al to Jay A. Janciga, Boardman Twp., $72,525.
Michael J. Bobovetz to Anthony L. Slagle, Austintown Twp., $62,000.
Myrna J. Carlson to Judith A. O'Driscoll, Youngstown, $74,500.
Joseph Wikerts to David Murphy et al, Youngstown, $21,000.
George J. Andres to 738 E. Lucius Land Trust, Youngstown, $6,250.
Jeffrey R. Headley to Brian Brock et al, Youngstown, $1,500.
Geneva Reynolds to Brian S. Reynolds Sr., Youngstown, $28,000.
William H. Sechlon et al to Thomas P. Lamb et al, Boardman Twp., $10,500.
Wells Fargo Bank to Dakmont Properties, Campbell, $10,700.
R. Eugene Huffman to Robert S. Amann, Green Twp., $132,000.
Marcia L. Stoffer to Louis R. Hanan et al, Beloit, $38,000.
Robert Schnellback Jr. et al to Gary F. Ptak et al, Milton Twp., $187,500.
Joyce L. Pratt to Nicholas P. Linonis et al, Youngstown, $36,000.
Robert A. Steer et al to John P. Greenfield et al, Smith Twp., $89,000.
Sheryl L. Boda et al to Cyrus Mad-Bondo et al, Youngstown, $61,000.
Alta R. Cutlip to Abdey Adhami, Youngstown, $15,500.
Ronald Carr et al to Sarah A. Rowney, Boardman Twp., $83,000.
Philip P. Smrek to Jessica L. Ryan et al, Austintown Twp., $97,000.
John R. Fromel et al to Fernando Marinucci etal, Canfield Twp., $136,000.
Rita M. Miller to Donald R. George, Youngstown, $45,000.
Bankruptcies/Chapter 7
Tiffany A. Womack, 3013 Nelson Ave., Youngstown, manager, First American Cash; liabilities, $15,540; assets, $1,815.
Sarah J. Fleming, aka Sarah Danley, aka Sarah Pitt, 3699 Ron Lane, Youngstown, none; liabilities, $57,068; assets, $6,803.
Mark M. Stafanovsky, 550 W. Chalmers Ave., Apt. 16, Youngstown, he: driver, Big B Automotive Wholesale; she: part-time resident monitor, MCCDP/Passages Program; liabilities, $25,831; assets, $1,480.
Richard T. and Dena M. Lepore, aka Dena M. Webb, 35 Longview Circle, North Lima; he: restaurant manager, Lodge Restaurant; she: secretary/wine supervisor, Superior Beverage; liabilities, $836,045; assets, $558,180.
Nicholas Morar, 413 Alexander, Youngstown, material handler, Mahoning Paint; liabilities, $42,449; assets, $12,071.
Bankruptcies/Chapter 13
Hollis A. and Alitha A. Williams, 718 12th St., Campbell, he: self-employed cleaning; she: laborer, Forum; liabilities, $83,300; assets, $69,500.
Shawanna N. Garner, 559 E. Lucius Ave., Youngstown, accounting assistant, Youngstown Radio; liabilities, $55,240; assets, $44,600.
Steven and Tina M. Demes, 4295 Elmwood Ave., Austintown, he: assembler, GM Lordstown; she: none; liabilities, $165,440; assets, $117,950.
Charles R. Burrows Jr., Austintown; audio/visual specialist, Ohio State Penitentiary; liabilities, $90,746; assets, $108,670.