From FBI records
From statements Lawrence J. Seidita, a Boardman attorney, made to the FBI in 1999:
Seidita paid James A. Philomena, Mahoning County prosecutor, $20,000 to fix a drug case for Glen Martin of Youngstown. The fix was that Martin received less time in prison. Philomena "smelled money in the Martin case."
When Martin got arrested again, Seidita paid Philomena $5,000 or $6,000. The payoff took place as they walked around the courthouse.
Martin was a good client. In 1997, Seidita paid municipal Judge Andrew Polovischak Jr. $500 and the judge gave Martin a suspended jail sentence on a motor vehicle charge.
The judge gave Martin's girlfriend, Antoinette J. Anderson, a suspended sentence on an assault charge and collected $200 from Seidita in 1993.
Polovischak took roughly six bribes from Seidita.
Seidita paid Philomena $12,500, likely in 1995, to fix the Frank Susany case. Susany, of Youngstown, was a known jewel thief.
County Judge Fred H. Bailey in Austintown took $2,500 from Seidita, then found no probable cause to bind Frank Susany's 1997 case of assault on a police officer over to a grand jury. Seidita placed the cash in Bailey's desk drawer.
In the Daniel Boerio case, Seidita gave Philomena $8,000 and Boerio got probation on a drug case that would have had mandatory jail time.
Cases were fixed by Philomena because he needed money to build a swimming pool.