Trustees on Wednesday:
* Heard from Zoning Inspector Sam Lee that he issued one building permit in September and 42 for the year so far. Permit fees for the year total $1,371 on property value of $125,000 in September and $1,789,850 for the year.
* Fire Chief Tom Strock reported 29 calls in September. The breakdown was 16 for emergency medical service, seven accidents, one structure fire, one brush fire, four service calls. There have been 260 EMS calls for the year so far.
* Announced they will consider Strock's request to keep the present squad vehicle instead of trading it in or selling it for the next time he orders a new one. Strock said the department needs it as a backup. He noted that the school called when a student fell off the monkey bars, but because the squad was on another call, it couldn't get to the school and had to call another department.
* Approved buying 500 feet of snow fence at $130 per 100 feet, including posts. It will be erected along roads where snow drifting occurs.
Newton Falls Board of Education members on Wednesday:
* Approved requirements prepared by architects Ricciuti, Balog & amp; Partners for the new third- through sixth-grade facility and the design/project schedule prepared by the company URS/O'Brien Kreitzberg.
* Hired Kristin Remias as school nurse for Sts. Mary/Joseph School Auxiliary Services, on a one-year limited contract for the remainder of the 2001/2002 school year.
* Heard from history teacher Don Baker, who discussed plans for his classes in the spring. They will interview residents of Newton Falls about their life in the town and personal growth experiences. These tapes will later be transcribed and made available as public record at the Newton Falls Public Library. In 1998, Baker first began this project with students, which led to a hands-on history lesson.