Marriage licenses
John R. Wagner Jr., legal age, 188 Poland Ave., Youngstown, and Marylou T. Gaida, legal age, 647 Coitsville Road, Campbell.
Gerald A. Ross Jr., 34, of 3410 Flo-Lor Drive, #10, Youngstown, and Colleen Murphy, 27, of 1861 McCollum Road, Youngstown.
John S. Deniro, 52, of 2133 Cranbrook Circle, Youngstown, and Linda Lee Ollis, 46, of same.
Alan Victor Ludovici, 18, of Pittsburgh, and Jennifer J. Desalvo, 24, of Pittsburgh.
Paul A. Pasquale, 38, of 722 Annawan Lane, Youngstown, and Jacqueline M. Sturm, 28, of same.
Ronald Milo, 47, of 436 Wesley Ave., Youngstown, and Deborah A. Milo, 42, of same.
Robert M. Cronin, 25, of 40 N. Evanston Ave., Youngstown, and Kimber L. Sutton, 27, of same.
David W. Brothers, legal age, 5150 Winthrop Drive, Youngstown, and Cheryl M. Neiheisel, legal age, of 283 N. Bayshore Drive, Columbiana.
Divorces asked
Donna M. Draghi, 876 Pearson Circle, Boardman, vs. Kenneth V. Draghi, 3008 Middletown Road, Columbiana.
New complaints
Edna M. Jones et al vs. Larry Freeman et al, money.
Teresa Gallagher et al vs. Cynthia Moss et al, money.
DLJ Mortgage Capital Inc. vs. Jeanette Gordon et al, money.
Mildred Olenick vs. Ronald Mangie, money.
Mill Creek Realty vs. Nora Anthony, money.
Aames Capital Corp. vs. Jerry M. Hood et al, foreclosure.
The Leader Mortgage Co. vs. Judy Howley et al, foreclosure.
Lenore Nagle et al vs. Douglas B. Taylor et al, money.
Concrete Construction Enterprises Co. vs. Walter's RDW Management Co., money.
Carrie A. Eckert vs. Director, Ohio Department of Job and Family Services et al, notice of appeal.
Joseph P Stephens vs. Gary R. Eckenrode, money.
Bank One vs. William Nichols et al, foreclosure.
State ex. rel. Judith Sweeney vs. Mahoning Co. Board of Mental Health Retardation and Developmental Disabilities, writ of mandamus.
Rocco Melia vs. Anthony Anderson, money.
Chase Manhattan Bank vs. Barbara Lehnard et al, foreclosure.
The CIT Group/Consumer Finance Inc. vs. Penny Whatley et al, foreclosure.
Washington Mutual Bank vs. Clara J. Linebaugh et al, foreclosue.
Ohio Housing Financial Agency vs. Frank Sevi et al, foreclosure.
Cortland Savings & amp; Banking Co. vs. New Concept Machine & amp; Design Inc. et al, money.
Ronald L. McKenzie et al vs. Julie B. Bleakley, money.
James Salinas vs. Jeffrey Farrell, money.
Joseph L. Hightower et al vs. Demetrious Cunningham et al, money.
Docket entries
State vs. Kevin Vanwhy, sentenced to three years supervised community control, with random alcohol and drug testing.
Phyllis F. Morgan et al vs. Mark W. Meshula, dismissed.
Shelly Socciarelli et al vs. Teresa Kratofil et al, settled.
US Bank National Assoc. vs. Thomas Sudac et al, judgment entry and decree.
Carol J. Oliver vs. C. James Conrad, settled.
County treasurer vs. Salim M. Awadallah trustee et al, confirmation of sale.
Christopher Gault vs. Kenneth Miller, settled and dismissed.
Countrywide Home Loans vs. Todne K. Burns et al, judgment and decree.
Shirley Deak vs. Melissa Floyd et al, dismissed.
County treasurer vs. Luckey Construction Co. Inc., confirmation of sale.
John R. Tesyk Jr. vs. Jeff Lewis indiv. et al, settled.
Sky Bank vs. Sherri L. Shaffer et al, confirming sale.
American General Finance vs. Marvin R. Watt et al, confirmation of sale.
Fifth Third vs. Zane M. Johns et al, default judgment for plaintiff.
First Federal Savings Bank of Youngstown vs. James Slusher, default judgment for plaintiff.
Kaleel Bros. Inc. vs. Louie's Family Restaurant et al, default judgment for plaintiff.
Jorge A. Martinez M.D. vs. Hector Castro et al, default judgment for plaintiff.
Banner Supply Co. vs. James R. Snyder et al, default judgment for plaintiff.
Meander Tire dba The Dry Wall Barn vs. Joseph Fox, default judgment for plaintiff.
John B. Reardon treas. vs. St. Andrewes A.M.E. Church Inc., dismissed.
Carol McMacken et al vs. Mary A. Barto, settled.
Elise Biles vs. Ann Yuhas et al, dismissed.
State vs. Tommy Williams, sentenced to 15 years to life; three years for firearm specification;. State of Ohio vs. Jetter Lott Jr., sentenced to community control; upon completion, to transfer to APA for two years.
Same vs. Christina Homa, sentenced o 90 days on count 1 and one year on count 2, to be served concurrently.
Same vs. Robert L. Schleuder, three years supervised community control, and three year suspension of drivers' license.
Linda Olinger vs. Northern States Metals, dismissed.
Contimortgage Corp. vs. Mark F. Heverly et al, confirming sale.
Mary E. Chatman vs. Trocola C. Wright et al, dismissed.
First Select Corp. vs. Cynthia C. Jurczak, discharged of record.
County treasurer vs. Wendell Ward et al, confirmation of sale.
Jill Nelson vs. Niranjan Patel M. D. et al, dismiss St. Elizabeth Health Center only; case continues.
Richard G. Black et al vs. Stevens Foundation, judgment for plaintiff.
Robert H. Householder et al vs. Kim A. Farley, settled.
Denise E. Clifford et al vs. Joseph Ridel, dismissed.
Chelaine M. Hampton vs. April Sillaman et al, settled.
Robert Temple et al vs. Chris Delzell, judgment for plaintiff.
Achilles Cummings vs. Admr. OBES et al, dismissed.
Anthony Centofanti et al vs. St. Elizabeth Health Center et al, judgment for plaintiff.
Sky Bank vs. Carol A. Hoffricheter et al, confirmation of sale.
Shawn A. Shaulis vs. Joseph Dunlap et al, settled.
Westfield Group vs. Demetrius Tinker, default judgment for plaintiff.
Assos. Fin. Services Inc. vs. Leslie G. Mewbourn et al, dismissed.
Ameriquest Mtg. vs. Christopher Ogarek et al, foreclosure.
Bank of America vs. Kevin Urichich et al, dismissed.
Treas. Mahoning County vs. Joe Tritto et al, foreclosure.
Ohio Edison Co. vs. Joseph W. Craft Jr., discharged of record.
Joseph J. Tokich et al vs. Alberta Heater et al, dismiss cross-claim.
Carol Blum et al vs. June Wilson et al, settled.
First National Bank of Chicago vs. Samuel Howard et al, foreclosure.
State vs. Richard A. Rudolph Jr., sentenced to 18 months.
Chelaine M. Hampton vs. April E. Sillaman et al, settled.
Shirley J. Washington vs. Stephanie L. Young, settled.
Christina Thomas vs. Forum Health Care Systems et al, dismiss Dr. Vrable only.
Arrow Fin. Services vs. Lucinda M. Noling et al, judgment for plaintiff.
Real estate transfers
U.D.E. of Wilcox Ltd. and Ohio Partnership to Henry M. Greggo et al, Austintown Twp., $131,815.
Lois J. Mitchell to John T. Ilas et al, Boardman Twp., $130,000.
Joe Koch Construction Inc. to Gary M. Fontanarosa et al, Austintown Twp., $195,053.
Kathleen Seeger to Lyle Q. Taylor, Youngstown, $67,500.
Douglas H. Huebener et al to Jay A. Janciga, Boardman Twp., $72,525.
Michael J. Bobovetz to Anthony L. Slagle, Austintown Twp., $62,000.
Myrna J. Carlson to Judith A. O'Driscoll, Youngstown, $74,500.
Joseph Wikerts to David Murphy et al, Youngstown, $21,000.
George J. Andres to 738 E. Lucius Land Trust, Youngstown, $6,250.
Jeffrey R. Headley to Brian Brock et al, Youngstown, $1,500.
Geneva Reynolds to Brian S. Reynolds Sr., Youngstown, $28,000.
William H. Sechlon et al to Thomas P. Lamb et al, Boardman Twp., $10,500.
Wells Fargo Bank to Dakmont Properties, Campbell, $10,700.
Bankruptcies/Chapter 7
Stacey L. Mayhew, 426 Devitt Ave., Campbell; none; liabilities, $7,598; assets, $950.
Freida L. Marrow, 129 Florida, Youngstown; Toys-R-Us; liabilities, $61,117; assets, $8,800.
Raymond J. Colonna, 675 Saddlebrook Drive, Youngstown; unemployed; liabilities, $62,439; assets, $25,120.
Jocelyn Wolfe vs., 18391 5th St., #105, Beloit; retired; liabilities, $7,815; assets, $1,145.
William B. Conti, 3411 Neilson Ave., Youngstown; parking services, YSU; liabilities, $73,727; assets, $41,145.
George Pazel Sr., 1867 Massachusetts Ave., Youngstown; none; liabilities, $55,289; assets, $6,250.
Vernon and Paula Johnson, 1013 Orange Ave., Youngstown; he: unemployed; she: Family Service Agency; liabilities, $27,123; assets, $13,702.
Casey and Judy Huston, 1910 Kensington, Youngstown; he: self-employed, Consumer Communication; she: stock manager, Rainbow Rd. & amp; White; liabilities, $76,059; assets, $8,400.
Christina M. DiBucci, 110 Wesley Ave., Youngstown; computer specialist, Indalex; liabilities, $74,777; assets, $53,315.