County employees can opt for deductions

LISBON -- Columbiana County employees may now contribute to county United Way campaigns through payroll deduction.
County commissioners approved the request Wednesday from directors of the northern and southern county campaigns.
Ray Maurer, director of the United Way Services of Northern Columbiana County, said employees can choose which campaign they want to receive their contributions, or request their contributions be split equally between the two.
Maurer said payroll deduction by county employees will boost county United Way campaigns because Columbiana County government is the county's largest employer. He said United Way would received about $23,000 if each county employee contributes $1 per pay.
The United Way northern campaign's goal is $290,000 for its 21-member agencies serving Butler, Center, Elkrun, Fairfield, Franklin, Hanover, Knox, Middlefield, Perry, Salem, Unity and West townships.
The United Way southern campaign goal is $150,000 for 20-member agencies serving Liverpool, Madison, St. Clair, Washington, Wayne and Yellow Creek townships.