Marriage licenses
Dennis S. Hager, 22, of 4510 Washington Square, Austintown, and Julie A. Ruffner, 21, of same.
Christopher P. DeVito, 22, of 3702 Cumberland Circle, Austintown, and Jessica L. Beligni, 22, of same.
David W. Moreno Jr., 32, of 4653 Woodhurst Drive, A7, Austintown, and Lena D. Hagg, 20, of 2749 Poland Village Poland.
William E. Moran, 31, of 88 Arlene Ave., Boardman, and Jill Hickock, 30, of same.
Darren M. Kurdyla, 28, of 61 Starr Ave., Campbell, and Hope D. Bradberry, 27, of same.
Willys Acosta, 43, of 246 E. Auburndale, Youngstown, and Michele Algarin, 28, of same.
Nicholas C. Rosta, 32, of 12205 Goshen Road, L87, Salem, and Kimberly J. Hissom, 33, of same.
New complaints
Cedent Mortgage Corp. vs. Michelle R. Morrison et al, foreclosure.
Ohio Casualty Group et al vs. Leslie Folio, money.
Equicredit vs. Cheryl Ashley et al, money.
U. S. Bank National Assoc. vs. Elsie Bailey et al, money.
Washington Mutual Bank vs. Ayana Rudolph et al, foreclosure.
Larry H. Grayer vs. Carl F. Buhn Jr. et al, money.
Farah Jewelers Inc. vs. Charles Bechara et al, foreclosure.
Conseco Finance Servicing Corp. vs. Raymond W. Boncyk et al, foreclosure.
Equicredit vs. Tracey Lake et al, money.
William Loggins vs. Paragon Industries Inc. et al, worker' compensation.
William Allen vs. Vindicator Printing Co. et al, money.
Vera A. Colasant et al vs. Carolyn W. Jones et al, money.
Patricia Dragovich vs. St. Elizabeth Health Center, money.
LaSalle Bank National Assoc. vs. Andrew Diamantes et al, money.
Thomas Masters II et al vs. John Datko et al, money.
American General Finance Inc. vs. Susan Jones et al, foreclosure.
Jean E. Munnell vs. Mahoning Co. Dept. of Job and Family Services. notice of appeal.
Yvette Rogers vs. Rural Metro Ambulance Gold Cross Ambulance et al, workers' compensation.
Docket entries
State of Ohio vs. Addie Holmes, sentenced to three years supervised community control.
State of Ohio vs. Diane L. Morris, sentenced to five years monitored community control.
State of Ohio vs. Donald Yerchin, three years supervised community control.
State of Ohio vs. Homer Green, sentenced 15 months.
State of Ohio vs. Antwan Richardson, ordered to being inpatient treatment at CCA.
Kimberly Berdis indiv. and as exec. of Docampo dec'd. vs. St. Elizabeth Health Center, dismiss St. Elizabeth Health Center only; case continues.
Robert A.Leist vs. Astro Shapes Inc. et al, settled and dismissed.
Bank One N.A. vs. William J. Schuller Jr. et al, confirming sheriff's sale.
Bank One N.A. vs. Carrie Robinson, judgment entry and decree.
John C. Byler vs. Beth A. Foulkes, dismissed.
John B. Reardon treas. vs. James P. Zouck et al, judgment.
David J. Baddour et al vs. Dwayne A. Bodrick et al, default judgment granted plaintiff.
Kennedy Mall vs. Samrox Specialty Builders et al, default granted to plaintiff.
Sky Bank vs. Ann Peterson et al, default judgment granted plaintiff.
Simon Property vs. Its All About You Inc., default judgment for plaintiff.
DeBartolo Capital vs. Feet N Stuff Inc. et al, default judgment granted plaintiff.
Double F. Investment vs. Judith A. Carson, settled and dismissed.
Candia Zlenka vs. Charles Harasym et al, settled and dismissed.
Nancy A. Leskovac et al vs. Fannie M. Johnson et al, settled and dismissed.
Sandra Lozier indiv. and as exec. et al vs. Ohio Wine Imports Co. Inc. et al, settled and dismissed.
Angelina Sevi vs. James Leonelli M.D. et al, dismissed.
State of Ohio vs. Herb Green, sentenced to seven months.
State of Ohio vs. Spencer Washington, balance of time to be served in Mahoning County Jail.
Real estate transfers
Joseph F. Zeno et al to Daniel G. Morgan et al, Poland Twp., $111,000.
Marguerite J. Williams to Christopher B. McFall et al, Canfield City, $143,500.
Sean J. Meenachin et al to Jose R. Moore-Mendez et al, Youngstown, $20,000.
Duane W. Kaley et al to Richard E. Fruit et al, Milton Twp., $193,810.
The Eitemiller Family Revocable Living Trust to Ruth P. Kent, Youngstown, $83,000.
Sandra DePizzo trustee to Lloyd Vanpelt Jr. et al, Beaver Twp., $205,000.
Gary Fontanarsa et al to Randall C. Wightman et al, Boardman Twp., $100,000.
Todd J. Blake et al to David P. Brill et al, Struthers, $38,000.
Bertelli Homes Inc. to Robert D. Ferguson et al, Austintown Twp., $123,000.
Green Township Development Inc. to Mark A. Kalamets, Green Twp., $34,000.
Paul A. Vesey et al to Joy M. Allen, Weathersfield Twp., $98,000.
Louise Romeo to Damill K. Strickland et al, Youngstown, $40,000.
APCO Construction Inc. to Eleanor Huberty et al, Boardman Twp., $154,000.
Melissa I. Lisdell to Dawn R. DiBucci, Austintown Twp., $65,000.
Olga Fuozzini to Christina Russo, Boardman Twp., $62,000.
Gay Cooper to Raphael Diaz, Youngstown, $52,000.
Laurence J. Soges to Gary P. Moderalli, Springfield Twp., $40,000.
Donn McConnell to Kenneth Scavnicky, Campbell, $100.
Todd R. Clark to John F. Highfield et al, Youngstown, $53,500.
John T. Ilas et al to Douglas Widrig et al, Boardman Twp., $119,000.
Vladimar Tomovcik et al to John H. Pflugh, Canfield Twp., $143,000.
Helen J. Colucci to David Gordon, Boardman Twp., $68,000.
Abraham Boratrager to Dwayne Childers et al, Green Twp., $17,000.