Divorces asked
Norman Sosbe, 826 New Garden Ave., Salem, vs. Olena Timoshanko-Sosbe, same.
Donna Hamilton, 806 Riverview St., East Liverpool, vs. Roger Hamilton, East Liverpool.
Laura Smith, 5990 state Route 7, New Waterford, vs. Chris Smith, 581 W. North Ave., East Palestine.
Divorces granted
Amy Arnold vs. Todd Arnold.
Kimberly Balsbaugh vs. Timothy Balsbaugh.
Sandra Serroka vs. Michael Serroka.
Dissolutions granted
Linda Dilworth vs. Edward Dilworth.
Patti Anthony vs. Harry Anthony.
Gary Reymond vs. Genevieve Reymond.
Christel McKinley vs. Jack McKinley.
Dissolutions asked
Malana Cataldo, 46266 Kelly Ave., East Liverpool, and Danny Cataldo, 1010 Crawford Road, Wellsville.
Dissolutions granted
Jodi Bryer and Ronald Bryer.
Michael Sheets and Barbara Sheets.
Stanley Strub and Peggy Strub.
New complaints
Anthony Jarvis vs. Mable Nottingham, personal injury.
Beau Figley vs. Robert Westerman, personal injury.
David Hicks vs. John Weatherly, personal injury.
Sherri Lowther et al vs. Finley Anderson et al, personal injury.
Rebecca Patten vs. Thomas Sullivan, personal injury.
Consumers National Bank vs. Curtis Colbert, money.
Pamela Davis, mother of Eric Davis, vs. Grange Insurance et al, personal injury.
Sky Bank vs. Evelyn Knox, money.
National Industrial Lumber Company of North Jackson vs. JIT Pallets, money.
Sky Bank vs. Peggy Ash et al, money.
Bonnie Andrews et al vs. Kevin McIntire, personal injury.
Susan Barnes vs. Quaker Pool and Spa et al, money.
Andrew Rose et al vs. Anthony Yanni et al, personal injury.
U.S. Bancorp Leasing and Financial vs. Brian Frederick et al, money.
Docket entries
Kelly Oil Products vs. Sam Hannah Rasul, judgment for plaintiff.
Consumers National Bank vs. Betty Beadnell, judgment for plaintiff.
Security Savings Mortgage Corp. vs. Robert cook, judgment for plaintiff.
Hira Khanna vs. Rick Wylie, judgment for plaintiff.
Consumers National Bank vs. Brian Ransom, judgment for plaintiff.
Community Finance Home Mortgage vs. Todd Hamill, judgment for plaintiff.
Charles Bosco vs. Brent Clark et al, judgment for plaintiff.
Community Finance Home Mortgage vs. Jerri Butler, judgment for plaintiff.
Robert Greathouse vs. Robert Bebout, judgment for plaintiff for $13,500.
Shelby Ins. Co. vs. Elizabeth Inglehart, judgment for plaintiff for $7,141.
Auto Capital Corp. vs. Gilbert Donovan, judgment for plaintiff for $9, 2990.
Real estate transfers
Robert White et al to Bank One, Elkrun Twp., $14,000
Lois Rawson to A & amp; L Salvage Inc. Elkrun Twp., $539,000.
Christine Jones to April Beadnell et al, Franklin Twp., $38,000.
Gregg Allen et al to Phillip Worley et al, Salineville, $44,304.
Charles Murray et al to East Palestine School District, East Palestine, $59,000.
Elbern Riley to Elbert White et al, St. Clair Twp., $12,000.
Elbern Riley to Elbert White et al, St. Claire Twp., $86,000.
Alverda Dearth to Ronald Greer et al, St. Clair Twp., $60,000.
Ronald Blackburn to Christopher Stamp, Salem, $49,000.
Henry Schnell to Warren Ford, Salem, $59,500.
Weinstine Family Trust to Esther Lianna, Salem, $108,500.
Middle Sandy Presbyterian Church to Kevin Weese, Knox Twp., $97,500.
Charles Pickens et al to Robert Cotic et al, Middleton Twp., $113,000.
Tina Woy to Judith Call, Washington Twp., $5,000.
Luster Mellinger et al Francis Blinsky et al, Columbiana, $10,000.
Richard Versella et al to Carissa Curtis et al, Liverpool Twp., $29,600.
Thomas Emmerling et al to Michael McDowell et al, Liverpool Twp., $75,000.
Walter Rice et al to Bruce White, Washington Twp., $2,800.
Robert Kitrush et al to Paul Oberer, Middletown Twp., $132,000.
Frances Scott to William Altenhoff et al, Butler Twp., $39,500.
Carl Peterson et al to Steven Meek et al, Center Twp., $140,000.
Paul Zehentauer Trust to George Moser et al, Salem Twp., $480,000.
Esther Tourdot to Doris Linsley Trust, East Palestine, $70,000.
Betty Elkins to Peggiann Arnoto et al, Center Twp., $5,000.
Dean Hoey et al to Mark Harker et al, Salineville, $27,000.
William Hupp to Gregory Courtney et al, Salem, $40,900.
Judith Adams et al to Seymour Goldberg, Salem, $163,000.
Betty McLevey to Judson McLevey, St. Clair Twp., $36,000.
Real estate transfers
Robert Lewis Corp. to Timothy Davis, East Liverpool, $70,000.
Dorothy Dimmerling to Janice Little, East Liverpool, $37,000.
Keith Sevy Trust to Jackie Zacharias, East Liverpool, $12,500.
Brenton Galbreath et al to Edith Maines et al, Salem, $28,500.
Thomas McHugh etal to Red Cliff Capital, Salem, $10,000.
John Fritz Revocable Trust to James Buchmeier et al, Salem, $325,000.
Harold Raffle et al to Mary Huschka, Salineville, $51,000.
Sarah Baronzzi to Nicholas Barborak et al, Lisbon, $145,000.
James Mellinger to Gregory Oesch et al, Perry Twp., $1,000.
Kenneth Krafft to David Byers et al, St. Clair Twp., $148,500.
Wayne Hickman et al to Doug Holmes et al, St. Clair Twp., $20,000.
Joseph Futcher to Howard Goehring et al, Unity Twp., $23,750.
Sandra Fieldhouse et al to Alfred Fryfogle, Knox Twp., $35,000.
Eugene Byler to Lewis Piottman et al, Hanover Twp., $119,000.
Ronald Venezia et al to William Buter et al, East Palestine, $63,500.
Eddie Brown et al to John Michaels, Center Twp., $9,300.
Patricia Santini to Thomas Sandor et al, Leetonia, $78,000.
Wayne Darling to Gregory Courtney, Salem, $42,500.
John Johnson to Sharon Brown, West Twp., $83,500.
John Golding Revocable Trust to Anthony Decaria et al, East Liverpool, $43,000.
Eleanor Dzurenko et al to Stephen Neiheisel et al, Fairfield Twp., $12,500.
Ralph Witmer et al to Martin Baker Real Property, Salem Twp., $250,000.
Richard McFarland et al to Crystal Green et al, Salem, Twp., $13,500.
Charles Beiling Trust to Irene Rogan et al, Salem Twp., $16,000.
East Palestine China to Thomas Surles et al, Unity Twp., $65,000.
Ruth Carter vs. Daniel File et al, Salineville, $12,000.
James Secrest et al to Pamela McCormick, East Palestine, $100,700.
George Anderson et al to Glen Helman et al, Center Twp., $60,000.
Donna Percic to Angel Thompson et al, Center Twp., $26,160.
Donna Percic to Charles Beiling, Center Twp., $39,581.