Ms. Fix-Its will enjoy witty home repair book

Alison Jenkins knows what women want -- sanders and screwdrivers and circular saws, plus some really good instructions for putting them to use.
That's why the home-makeover specialist wrote "100 Things You Don't Need a Man For," a home repair and improvement guide that pokes fun at the old stereotypes about men's and women's roles. The book, covered appropriately enough in Barbie-doll pink, is intended to make you smile while you're learning to hang a door or build a bookshelf.
The book covers basic tools and hardware, and it gives instructions for projects that range in complexity from simple chores like installing a smoke alarm to more ambitious undertakings like carpeting stairs. Instructions are straightforward and understandable even for those who weren't exposed to home improvement at Dad's elbow.
There's even a chapter on faking it -- about faux finishes, of course.
"100 Things You Don't Need a Man For" is published by Laurel Glen Publishing and is priced at $21.95.
GatorGuard keepsgeese out of ponds
Some homeowners with fish ponds are bothered by Canada geese and other winged creatures whose antics qualify as fowl deeds.
Bird-X has come up with GatorGuard, a life-size floating replica of an alligator head, 25 inches long. The GatorGuard bounces around the pond because of wind and water. The mirror-backed eyes flash in the sunlight.
Price: $69, or $65 each if you buy six or more.
For more information call (800) 662-5021.