Marriage licenses
Thomas E. Patterson, 25, of 4118 New Road, Austintown, and Heather Lynn Maggie, 25, of 425 E. Euclid Ave., #7, New Castle, Pa.
Divorces asked
Lisa R. Housteau, 3620 Fawn Drive, Canfield, vs. Raymond F. Housteau, 3260 Fawn Drive, Canfield.
Amalia Kostantas, 90 Carter Circle, Youngstown, vs. Jason D. Hall, 2602 Westridge Ave., Youngstown.
RayfieldA. Singleton, 778 Oxford Ave., Youngstown, vs. Michele A. Giuriceo, 425 Garfield St., Youngstown.
Mecha A. Wilson, 163 W. Dennick, Youngstown, vs. Frank T. Wilson, 1730 Carriage Court, Severen, Md.
Esther M. Sisson, 851 E. Florida Ave., Youngstown, vs. Paul M. Sisson, 851 E. Florida Ave., Youngstown.
New complaints
Erjeng Sayest vs. Larissa Potkay et al, money.
Matthew Bricker vs. George Gbur et al, money.
Soris Financial a division of Case Credit Corp., vs. Crystal Transit Inc. et al, money.
Robert Mason et al vs. Robert Mills dba Mills Home Improvement, money.
T. C. Redi Mix Inc. vs. Ken Sakely, money.
T. C. Redi Mix Inc. vs. Brian Zordich, money.
Sandra Sekerka vs. C. James Conrad admr. et al, vs. Kaufmann's Dist./ May Dept. Store, workers' compensation.
Hope Sturgeon vs. Kevin Hartzell, money.
84 Lumber Co. vs. Joseph Pompili Jr., money.
Janice Lyda et al vs. Eric A. Luckosky, money.
Chase Manhattan vs. Lawrence S. Gastaldo et al, judgment entry and decree.
Manufacturers and Traders, vs. Shawn Rogers et al, foreclosure.
DeBartolo Capital Partnership vs. Richard Yunker, default judgment for plaintiff.
Probate court
Will of Andrew A. Scotchie: estate to children, Andrew A. Scotchie Jr., Frank E. Scotchie, Lawrence J. Scotchie, John L. Scotchie, James T. Scotchie and Robert J. Scotchie.
Will of Joe Kutchel: estate to wife, Ann P.
Will of Elizabeth Boyer: estate to Wahnee E. Calzo; with specific bequests.
Will of Carl L. Anderson: estate to sons, John H. and David L. Anderson; with specific bequests.
Real estate transfers
Promise Land Dev. Inc. to Julie M. Hart et al, Youngstown, $6,000.
Olga A. Marushkin to D.T.G. Enterprises Ltd., Boardman Twp., $40,000.
John W. Babyak et al to David J. King, Boardman Twp., $215,000.
Gail Keaney to Frank Fromolean et al, Youngstown, $177,000.
Sylvester & amp; Vernal Development to David Olexa et al, Boardman Twp., $31,000.
Marilyn Wurst et al to Robert C. Krohn et al, Boardman Twp., $165,000.
Peoples Management to Charles A. Gilbert et al, Boardman Twp., $32,000.
10125 Corp. to Liberty Mahoning LLC, Beaver Twp., $300,000.
Kenneth V. Draghi et al to David P. DeSantis et al, South Range School District, $221,000.
Robert Kalischak et al to Woodworth Properties Ltd., Beaver Twp., $80,000.
Hood Electric to Joseph Grega, Youngstown, $395,800.
Donald L. Martin to David Crawford, Youngstown, $30,500.
Robert P. Lavorini to Larry A. Harvey Jr., et al, Youngstown, $74,900.
Rose Mary Keshock Crow to Shirley Olivo, Struthers, $46,550.
Western Reserve Development Co. vs. Canfield Center Plaza LLC, Boardman Twp., $1,170,000.
U.D.E. of Wilcox Road Ltd. to Andrew CS. Dovala et al, Austintown Twp., $134,565.
Roberta D. Reed to Joseph F. Maretich et al, Goshen Twp., $135,000.
Bankruptcies/Chapter 7
Thomas G. and Donna M. DePinto, 2822 Noel Drive, Youngstown; he: steelworker, WCI Steel; she: homemaker; liabilities, $142,293; assets, $104,750.
Sandra K. McKenney, 168 S. Portland Ave., Youngstown; custodian, Mill Creek Metro Park; liabilities, $77,743; assets, $28,361.
Vera Gladys Jones, 372 Emerson Place, Youngstown; none; liabilities, $80,687; assets, $12,600.
Richard Brubaker, 112 E. Kentucky Ave., Sebring; self-employed, Buckeye Mobile Wash; liabilities, $77,280; assets, $10,900.
Gerard E. and June M. Galbraith, 18 Creed St., Struthers; he: labor, Indalex; she: Home Care; liabilities, $117,711; assets, $67,662.
Gregory Senekiak, 528 Impala Drive, Youngstown; assembler, GMC; liabilities, $33,239; assets, $8,757.
Wayne M. and Tracie L. Anderson, 1673 Moorefield Ave., Austintown; he: factory worker, Lordstown Assembly; she: unemployed; liabilities, $28,561; assets, $14,724.
Michael Kudkovsky, 343 Broadview Ave., Youngstown; assembler, GM; liabilities, $156,412; assets, $1,750.
Bankruptcies/ Chapter 13
Dana B. Capitol-Jackson, 2220 Ash St., Youngstown; nursing assistant, Boardman Community Care; liabilities, $55,250; assets, $56,942.
Rhonda Darnell Owens dba Darnell's Hair Salon, 2930 Market St., Youngstown; liabilities, $187,754; assets, $80,124.
Marriage licenses
Kelley E. Plock, 24, of 293 Maplewood Drive, Cortland, and April L. Gaffey, 20, of same.
William R. Samuells, 45, of 2449 Niles Road S. E., Warren, and Laura J. Dennison, 43, of same.
Justin D. LaMar, 28, of 2823 Pittsburgh Ave., McDonald, and Susan M. Martin, 40, of same.
Kenneth A. Hruby, 37, of 16270 Seigler Road, Salineville, and Ann Marie E. Mendik, 37, of 929 state Route 305 N. E., Cortland.
Michael A. Karafa, 30, of 1658 Larchmont Ave., Warren, and Rebecca S. Shaner, 26, of 9407 Ward N., Kinsman.
Thomas A. Dawson, 19, of 406 Iowa St., Girard, and Amanda M. Raiti, 19, of same.
Nicholas A. Conti, 36, of 7177 County Line Road, Hubbard, and Sonya R. Snarey, 34, of same.
Edward Salus, 30, of 8135 W. Ohio St., Masury, and Anne M. Salus, 28, of same.

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