Vehicles, boats needed

Vehicles, boats needed
Big Brothers & amp; Sisters' Cars for Kids' Sake is a program that offers an opportunity to get rid of unwanted vehicles and boats and at the same time benefit children and receive a possible tax deduction. To donate, call (800) 710-9145 and a Cars for Kids' Sake representative will arrange for pickup of the vehicle.
Philanthropists soughtfor honors program
The Mahoning/Shenango Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals is accepting nominations for outstanding philanthropists and fund-raisers in area communities. The honorees will be recognized at a luncheon Nov. 13 during the 11th annual National Philanthropy Day celebration. Nominations will be accepted in six categories: Individual or family, corporate, small business, civic organization and outstanding young philanthropist, and volunteer fund-raiser. Nomination forms containing specific instructions can be obtained by calling Linda Kostka at (330) 788-6506 or Jo-Ann Crank at (330) 533-0546. The deadline for nominations is May 31.
Social phobia findings:A drug can help
One out of 20 people is said to suffer from social phobia, which is marked by anxiety and fear in social situations where a person may have to speak, perform or interact with others.
A study of more than 200 patients found that the anti-depressive drug sertraline eased symptoms in about half of the people, said Dr. Michael A. Van Ameringen of McMaster University Medical School, Hamilton, Ontario. Fifty-three percent of the patients taking sertraline improved, compared with 29 percent taking an inactive placebo.
"On the basis of previously published data and the efficacy, tolerability and safety findings of the present 20-week study, sertraline can be considered among the first-line treatments for social phobia," Van Ameringen reported in the American Journal of Psychiatry.