Friday Jednota -- (Tanglewood) Low gross: R. Jonda, C.J. Andre 38; Low net: G. Smith 34, J. Ferenchak 35, G. Vrabel and J. Bobby 36, T. Shimek and T. Dabrowski 37; T. Morella, B. Gurski and N. Jukich 38; Top team: City Printing.
Sam Camens Senior -- (Mahoning) Low gross: National- Lou Takacs 38, Clarence Glenn 39; American- Frank Volk 42, John Acierno and Ken Johnson 43, Ed Pawlik 44; Low net: National- Lou Takacs 31, Frank Mediate 32, Bill Basista and Chester Martauz 33; American- Frank Volk, John Acierno and Howard Schooley 32, Ken Johnson 33, Louis Kello, Ed Pawlik, Mike Svasta and Tom Hewitt 34.
Flying B Friday Men -- Low gross team: Country Saw & amp; Knife 2 160, Sky Bank 163; Low net team: Sky Bank and Caddyshack 138; Low gross: Dan Goodman 36, Charlie Quinby and Terry and Jesse Ritchie 37; Low net: Chris Colucci 30, Wayne Brimgardner, Jon Walker, Charlie Quinby and Jesse Ritchie 31; Top team: Country Saw & amp; Knife 2.
Argus -- (Dogwood) Low gross: Bill Boros, Dick Osborne and Dave Ross 40; Low net: Adam Zimmer 29, Elmer Stanacker 30, Ed Gabrick and Larry Marshall 31.
Struthers A.C.--(Rolling Hills) Low gross: Joe Musolino 36, Alan VanOver 37, Bill Minchin and Brian Hodge 38; Low net: Howard Linsenberger 28, Greg Ekoniak and Bob Barnhart 31, Bill Stover 32. Standings: 1. WKBN 16, 2. LaVilla 14, 3. Minchin Carpets 13 1/2, 4. H. V. Construction 13 1/2, 5. Becker Funeral 12, 6. Alprod 10 1/2, 7. New Breed Racing 8 1/2, 8. Transit Service 8, 9. S.A.C. 7 1/2, 10. Doc Dan's 6 1/2.
Flying "B" Golf League-- Thursday #1 Standings: 1. 20th Century Tours Inc. 28.5, 2. Woodworks 28, 3. Consumers Bank 26,4. BB Rooners 22.5, 5.T Z Construction 19, 6 Lane Life 12.5; Low gross team: Woodworks 174, BB Rooners 175, 20th Century Tours 184; Low gross individual: Jim Neidhartd 37, Larry Breckenridge 41, 2 tied at 42; Low net team: BB Rooers 136, Woodworks 137, 20th Century Tours 145; Low net individuals: Larry Breckenridge, Jim Neidhardt, Jim Kartheanos 31; Thursday #2 Standings: 1. IGS 33.5, 2. Quaker City IGA 33.5; 3. Soverign ComDoc 26, 4. Italian American Club 22.5, 5. Zeigler's Trophies 19, 6. Coca-Cola 17; Low gross team: Sovereign ComDoc 176, IGS 177, Quaker City IGA 179; Low gross individual: Matt Sabotka 33, Paul Totani 39, 2 tied at 40; Low net team: Soverign ConDoc 137, Quaker City IGA 142, IGS 143; Low net individual: Matt Sabotka 28, Joe Novak and Tony Hyde 31.
Thursday Jednota Golf League--(Bedford Trails) Medalist: Gus Schrieber 43. Low gross: Tom Macek and Joe Popio 45, Dan Hurite 46. Low net: Ray Orlovsky 31, Gene Hvizdak and Gus Schrieber 32. Top team: Struthers Sharpening and Vic and Syls 12 1/2.
Transit Tours Golf League--(Countryside) Low gross: Chris Beil and Bob Zetts 38, Jerry Seem and Larry MinerII 39; Low net: B. J. Miner 33; Division leaders: Graban Division: Chip Olenick and Vince Pasquale 38 pts.; Birch Division: Jim Mitchell and John Skoloda 37.5 pts.
Mahoning Valley Golf League--(Bedford Trails) Low gross: P. Clacko 35, C. Jandre, T. Marrakol, M. Esposito 38, TJ Price 39; Low net: K. Bezilla and R. Lepore 28, P. Verostko 29, B. Detec, P. Iuduciani, E. Bartos 30, M. Verostko, D. Skelley, M. Piccirillo, B. Richie 31, L. Lissi, B. Giovanni, R. Byce 32, S. Laczo, R. Partika, J. Fox, J. Currao, E. Romack, G. Sympson 33. Top teams: First Quarter Winners: Cavalier Mobile X-Ray.
St. Christine Golf League--(Deer Creek)Low gross: Mike Terlecki 38, Phil Adams, Bob Ziak, Tom Pressly 41; Low net: Jim Tomochek 32, Terry Coyle, John Morris, Bob Fox 33, Scotty Wynne and Paul Krasnasky 34, Dick Scali and Art DiGregorio 35. Low gross: Bob Ziak 36, John Craig and Bob Trucksis 37; Low net: Davd Fox 28, Scotty Wynne 29, Dom Lovaglio and Terry Daprele 31, Lito Sevilla 33, Steve Hudak and Bob Zynski 34.
C & amp;V Wholesale Monday Night -- (Olde Dutch Mill) Low gross: Jim Gurmin 37, Les Mewbourn 38, George Ferkula and Bob Todor 39, John P. Laczko, George Bisker and Dave Weekley 40; Low Net: Jim Gurmin 31, Bob Todor 32, Joe Sander 33, J.D. Lahiff 34, Les Mewbourn 35, Rich Pruchniewicz, George Bisker, John P. Paczko, Jeff Sander, George Ferkula, Lou Olesky, Dave Weekley and Rod Scenna 36.
Youngstown Eagles 213 -- Low gross: J. Sich 43, B. Glaros 44; Low net: C. Cipriano 34, J. Sich and A. Mulichak 36, J. Morey, Tiger and D. Murphy 37; B. Glaros, Red Servenack and J. Milowe 38.
Candywood Tuesday Nite -- (Creekside) Low gross: Ken Bochenek 37, Paul Stoops 39; Low net: Colin Watson 31; First place teams: Hogan Division - Ginis 14 1/2; Nelson Division - Stoops 17.
HBA Wednesday Night Golf League--(Mahoning) Team: 1. R-Ski Golf 19.5, 2. Presidential Lawn 18.5, 3. Paine-Webber 17.5, 4. Casa Ramirez 15, 5.Molly's 14, 6. First Place Bank 13.5, 7. N & amp; J Excavating 13, 8. Home Loan Associates 8. Top Low Net Players: Sean Novak 30, Jeff Lawson, David Mann and Tim Cassidy 31, Frank Redmond 32; Top Low Players: Nick Hanuschak 37, Frank Redmond 38.
Vindicator -- Division leaders: Hogan- Pressman 33.5; Snead - Operators 34; Low gross: Sebastian 37, Kniska 38; Low net: J. Moran 33, Sebastian and Cole 34, Flask 35, Kniska, Mirto and McCarthy 36, Hall, Longo, J. Green, Hawkins and Fusco 37.
Campbell League -- (Pine Lakes) Medalist (Low gross): George Vecchione 37; Low net: John Texter 35; Team results: Patsy's Bar I -6 1/2 vs. Pagz Bar & amp; Grill 4 1/2; Division standings: Palmer- M & amp;M Catering; Venturi - IPC 48 1/2.
Sunday Morning Travelers -- Low gross: Ron Ferranti 76, Tom Thompson and Wade Renner 80, Jim Dodge and George Bakes 82; First Place: Ron Ferranti, Tom Thompson, Mike Ianazone and Ralph Stellato Sr. 87.
Slovak Catholic Sokol League -- (North Course) Low gross: Joe Baytosh, Bill Spurio 39; Low net: A- Bill Spurio 33, Joe Baytosh and John Sostaric 34, Ed Yatsco 35; B- Mike Pernatto 33, Dan Catullo and Glen Kramer 36, Jerry Miglets 37.
Girard Seniors-- Low gross: Jerry Thomas and Joe Knouse 41; Low net: Jerry Thoams and Joe Knouse 33.
Churchill Wednesday Golf League--(Mahoning) Low gross: L. Coons, 34, G. Kay and C. Ivan 36, J. Kay, E. Ross, D. Bacon, C. Larubbio, J. Williams, B. Rafferty 37; Low net: W. Weimer 30, Larubbio, W. Carbonnell, C. Hlasta 31, Coons, K. Walters, P. Wilsters 33, G. Vendemia 33.
Davidson's Wednesday Night Golf League--(Diamondback) Low gross: Bob Cramb 34, Dave Markota 36, Angelo Berardi and Mike Landsburger 37; Low net individual: Mike Stitt and Dan Murphy 31; Low gross team: Jamie Jones and Angelo Berardi 75, Mike Landsburger and Mike Stitt 77. Low net team: Dan Murphy and Bob Moss 65, Mike Landsburger and Mike Stitt 65; Standings First Half: First Place, Jerry Bailey and Jim Dreiling; Second Place: Duane Hughes and Bill Sovik.
Kings Golf League--(Candywood) Low gross: Mickey Zaleski and Larry Lunder 38, Tom Hart, Brian Gaffey and Ted Fulmer 39. Low net: Larry Lunder, Andy Gray, Dave Delon, Mickey Zaleski and Tom Hart 33.
AMA Wednesday League--(Olde Dutch Mill) Low gross: Harry Ellsworth 37, Rex King, Rick Merrow and Jason Almashy 38, Gary Watson, Les Mewborne, Bob Brace, George Bisker, and Ron Beam 39; Low net: Harry Ellsworth, Ron Beam, George McClure 32, Rick Nerone 34, Wayne Posey, Jason Almashy, Paul Huggins, and Chool Colantone 35.
Sunrise Ladies -- (Dogwood) Low gross: A- Rene Porman 49; B-Irene Perish 53; C- J. Hynes 61; Low Net: A- M.A. Lyden 35, B- Kitty McDevitt 29, C- Georgia Lacich 34; Throw out worst hole: Gail Tessean; Low putts: Rene Porman 15.
Countryside Thursday Ladies -- Low gross: A- O. Latura 51, B- S. Rosine 66, C- L. Crocetti 68; Low net: A- O. Latura 33, B- D. Latura 37, C- L. Crocetti 32; Low putts: A- O. Latura and S. Pasquale 16, B- S. Rosine 19, C- L. Crocetti 20; Flags won: O. Latura, M. Hause, S. Rosine, L. Crocetti; Best on Odd Holes 1/2 HDCP: A- M. Hauser and S. Pasquale 15, B- D. Latura 20, C- M. Knoll 13.
Senior Ladies Friday Night North 2 -- (Mill Creek) Best on even holes minus 1/2 handicap: A- Rae Glass 18.5, B- Helen Morris 20.5; Jean Betts 19; Low gross: A- Rae Glass 53, B- Ginny Markovich 61, C- Mary Parks 71; Low net: A- Barb Reen 40, handicap 14; Liz Angelillo 40, handicap 16; B- Helen Morris 40, handicap 23; C- Jean Betts 44, handicap 30; Low putts: Liz Angelillo.
Girard Ladies -- Gross less par 3: A- B. Dunlap 39, B- O. Latura 47, C- I. Lacivita 50; Low gross: A- Barb Dunlap 46, B- O. Latura 57, C- D. Shoop and J. Erdel 59; Low net: A- B. Dunlap 34, B- O. Latura and R. Orlando 40, C- I. Lacivita and J. Erdel 36; Least putts: A-B. Dunlap, B. Gancsos and I. DiPiero 15, B- O. Latura 45; Birdie: E. Berendt, C- D. Shoop; Chip-ins: D. Shoop and I. Arthur.
Penn-Ohio Women's Golf Association--(Yankee Run)
Flight I--Low gross: J. Bramble 83, J. Ash 84; Low net: V. Barnabo 68, H. Dunderdale and S. Billingsley tie at 74; Best on even holes, less half hdcp: V. Barabo 29.5, J. Bramble 31; Flight II-- Low gross: A. Engster 96, T. Peters and S. Walters 97; Low net: J. Faller and M. Evans 74; Play of the Day: B. Janecko and A. Engster 31.5.
PYBS Ladies Golf League--(Countryside) Play of the Day Winners: 5 holes minus 2 worst holes: A- Carol Bigley and Judy Wellington 17, B- Shirley Signore and Edna Zaitzew 19. Low gross: A- Carol Bigley and Judy Wellington 31; B- Shirley Bradick 36. Low net: A- Marge Babik 14, B- Shirley Signore 6. Least putts: All Classes Winner: "A" Edie Babik, Marge Babik, Jo Tkacik 9; B- Shirley Signore and Edna Zaitzew 10.
GCU Ladies Golf League--(Pine Lakes, Hubbard) A- Low gross: Janice Lesoganich 47; Low net: Carol Bigley 38; Least putts: Pat Matthews 13. Play of the Day: Tee to green: Dot Korchnam 24; B- Low gross: Adeline Riefler 54; Low net: A. Riefler 32; Least putts: Theresa Toutin and Jo Tkacik. Play of the Day: A. Riefler 26; C- Low gross: Kay Burke 57; Low net: K. Burke 32; Least putts: Rose Ann Baglama 15. Play of the Day: K. Burke 27. Birdies: Flo Galida (6); Chip Ins: P. Matthews (6), Eleanor Gresko (5), J. Tkacik (4), R. Baglama (6).
Mohawk Trails -- Low gross: A-Donna Klik 50, B- Mary Eichenlaub 57, C- Nancy Koehler 60; Low net: A- Donna Klik 37, B- Mary Eichenlaub 36, Nancy Koehler 33; Revert 2 worst holes to par: A- Donna Klik 45, B- Mary Eichenlaub 49, C- Nancy Koehler 50; Least putts: Flo Jablonski 18.
Travelettes -- (Bronzewood) Low gross: I- D. Bollinger and L. McGhee 88; II- A. Body 98; Low net: I- L. Herchik and L. McGhee 68, II- L. Luknis 67; Best on even holes: I- L. Herchik 42, II- L. Luknis 46.
Dogwood Wednesday Ladies -- Play of day: A- G. Pinson, B- P. Dean, C- M. Ivan, D- P. Cheslik; Low gross: A- G. Pinson 47, B- P. Dean 49, C- J. Cercone 60, D- P. Cheslik 58; Low net: A- G. Pinson 35, B- P. Dean 32, C- J. Cercone 42, D- P. Cheslik 32; Birdie: P. Polak.
Fem Bombers Wednesday Morning Golf League--(Meander) Low gross: Toni Krut and Carol Barone 53, Ann Mancini 58; Low net: Toni Krut 34, Carol Barone 31, Ann Mancini 33. Play of the Day: Best on Par 4's minus 1/2 handicap. Toni Krut and Elberta Scott 3, Irene Robinson and Helen Ferko 0. Birdie: Toni Krut (3).
Tee Off's -- (Reserve Run) Low gross: A- Mary Beth Popovec 39, B- Christine Harris 45, C- Peggy McMillen and Mary Ann McCarthy 53; Low net: A- Jill Damiano 29, B- Harris 29, C- Mary Ann McCarthy 27; Closests to Pin 11: Jules Hrebovcin; Low gross for league: Mary Beth Popovec 39; Low net for league: M.A. McCarthy 27.
Thursday Night Ladies #5--(Mill Creek) Toss out one blind hole-1/2 hdcp. Class "A" Connie Pressey 38; Class "B" Joanne Cercone 48; Class "C" Pat Cheslik 59.
Yankeettes Ladies Golf League--(Yankee Run) Play of the Day: Best on par 5s. Flight I: Midge Evans 13,, Mern Roberts 14, Carolyn Gahagan 15; Low net: Mern Roberts 34, Midge Evans and Betsy Janecko 36, Doreen Hamady 37. Low gross: Doreen Hamady 40. Flight II: Audrea Neri 12, Diane Wiesen and Marilyn Buzek 14, Nadyne Macejko 15. Low net: Marilyn Buzek 40, Diane Wiesen, Jane Fedders Nadyne Macejko 41, Carol Olson 43. Low gross: Jane Fedders 59. Birdies: Doreen Hamady and Valerie Barnabo #5. Chip ins: Midge Evans #8.
Girard Ladies League-- Class "A" Low gross: L. Brown 47, Low net: L. Brown 38, Least putts: L. Brown 13. Class "B" Low gross: A. Louaglio 58, Low net: A. Louaglio 39, Least putts: tie A. Louaglio and C. Tusin 17. Class "C" Low gross: tie C. Hingle and P. Noday 67; Low net: P. Noday 42. Least putts: D. Shoop 16. Play of the Day: Throw our Par 3s -1/2 hdcp.: "A" L. Brown 35; "B" Ann Louaglio 36; "C" A. Hingle 42.
Donnybrook Tuesday Night Ladies Golf League-- Play of the Day: Throw out 3 worst holes. Flight "A": Debbie Rice 42; Flight "B": Mary Ann Atkins 47; Flight B2: Paula Franko 33; Flight "C": Kelly McNeely 64, Dorothy Tobey 62; Birdies: Becky Louphovsky #7.