St. Elizabeth

St. Elizabeth
Lisa Jones and Robert L. Burney, 46 E. Judson Ave., Youngstown, girl, May 21 (correction).
Michael Bosley and Kellie Bordner-Bosley, 6892 Slippery Rock Drive, Canfield, boy, May 23.
Chris and Adele Yanssens, 4510 Euclid Blvd., Youngstown, boy, May 23.
Stephanie Mallory and Melvin Jones, 630 Willis Ave., Apt 1, Youngstown, boy, May 23.
Christopher and Kelly Donadio, 4998 Raglan Drive, Warren, girl, May 23.
William B. and Christine Berlin, 220 Chapel Lane, Canfield, girl, May 23.
Gary and Brooke Evans, 23498 Georgetown Road, Homeworth, boy, May 24.
Forum Health Northside
Brandi J. Koch and Matthew D. Senter, 6839 Lincoln Ave., Hubbard, girl, May 23.
Tiffany Colvin, 3930 Dunbar St., Youngstown, girl, May 22.
David and Kelly Keeble, 2751 E. South Range Road, New Springfield, boy, May 23.
Jerry and Megan Turillo, 4051 Baymar Drive, Boardman, boy, May 23.
Justine Muldowney and Kurt Bucheit, 3590 Staunton Road, Youngstown, girl, May 23.
Detrik Parker, 966 Bonnie Brae, Youngstown, girl, May 23.
St. Joseph
David and ShawnnaMartin, 3887 Basswood, Warren, boy, May 22.
Jake and Mary Kay Ranski, 998 Evening Star Drive, Rome, Ohio, girl, May 23.
Dewey and Beverly May, 33931 Burtview Place, Salem, girl, May 22.
John and Pamela Shelley, 1706 Hearthside Drive, Salem, girl, May 23.
Matthew and Jessica Bostian, 47088 Riffle Road, Rogers, girl, May 23.