Lowerclass bouts
Bantamweights: Juan Vega, Campbell (2-0), over Dave Kyser, Columbiana, in round two; Matt Ramun, Poland (2-0), decision over Larry Hermann, Sharpsville.
Featherweights: Dan Ramun, Poland (2-0), decision over Mike Sackela, Fitch.
Lightweights: Myron Williams, Hubbard (2-0), decision over Jeremiah Bowser, Sharpsville; Chris Zamudio, Green (2-0), decision over Jesse Bowlen, Chaney.
Junior welterweights: John Loew, Mooney (2-0), over Tim Overman, Struthers, in round one; Chas. Brier, Keystone, decision over jake Buzzard, West Middlesex.
Welterweights: William Davis, Greenville, decision over Justin Hoffman, Poland; Yianni Skoutelis, Campbell (2-0), decision over Nick Graham, Canfield; Larry Starr, Hubbard (2-0), decision over Joe Boyles, Howland.
Middleweights: Tyler Lehman, Poland (2-0), decision over Mike Chuirazzi, Niles; Robert Williamson, Sharon (2-0), decision over Dennis Vega, Mineral Ridge.
Super middleweights: Mike Jones, Poland (2-0), decision over Dan Stucky, Campbell; Mike Marvin, Liberty (2-0), decision over John Tollas, Columbiana; James Johnson, Harding, decision over Dallas Bigley, Struthers.
Light heavyweights: Jamar Gilford, Wilson (2-0), over Nate McNally, Greenville, in round two; Eric Gustafson, Columbiana, decision over Larry McCoy, Greenville.
Cruiserweights: Mike Crnarich, Poland (2-0), decision over jose Mateo, Campbell; Billy Decola, Western Reserve (2-0), over Gabe Gouvas, Champion.
Heavyweights: Ryan Lindsey, Greenville, over Jed Hill, Struthers, in round one; Jeremiah Hill, Struthers (2-1), decision over Tylon Cousin, Keystone.
Upperclass bouts
Featherweights: Justin Wess, Hubbard (2-0), over Justin Martinko, Columbiana, in round two; Jerry Kendall, Reynolds, decision over Steve Devellin, Fitch.
Lightweights: Lou Zamudio, Poland (2-0), over Mike Spatara, Canfield, in round one; Derrick Sallaz, Fitch (2-0), decision over Aaron Cesene, Hubbard; Nick Barbush, Chaney, draw with Ryan Williams, Liberty.
Super lightweights: Joe Merolillo, Poland (2-0), over Chris Mahinparvar, Rayen, in round one.
Junior middleweights: Terry Balensky, Sharpsville, decision over P.J. Jajcinovic, Champion; Mike Ramun, Poland (2-0), over Eric Humphrey, Niles, in round three.
Middleweights: Dan Burich, Struthers, over Dave Smallwood, Mathews in round three; Dwayne Pompey, Wilson (2-0), decision over Rafael Strother, Harding.
Super middleweights: Matt Bechtol, Keystone, over Adam Stiner, Poland, in round three; Jerrid Lujan, Poland, draw with Mike Kulka, Sharpsville.
Light heavyweights: Jim Gigax, Campbell (2-0), over Eric Major, Sharpsville, in round three; Tony Skillas, Campbell (2-0), decision over Mike McCourt, Girard; Rob Smaltz, Ursuline (2-0), decision over Fuquan Carroll, Harding; Greg Simcox, Poland (2-0), over Roger Reynolds, Greenville, in round one; Travis Bond, Meadville, decision over Bob Wining, Boardman.
Cruiserweight: John Mallory, Harding, over Matt Holsopple, Sharpsville, in round one.
Heavyweight: Prescott Burgess, Harding (2-0) over Nick Roach, Girard, in round two.