POLICE CALLS Girard, Liberty

Summary of police activity:
May 7
Drug arrest: A male was arrested for possession of a marijuana pipe and a small bag containing marijuana.
May 8
Theft: The city's Sunoco credit card was stolen at McQuaid's gas station.
Vehicle break-in: A 1989 Grand Am was broken into through a side vent window in the 40 block of Cheyenne Drive and the CD player and 20 CDs were stolen.
Theft: A car stereo was stolen from a vehicle in the 500 block of North State Street.
Vehicle break-ins: Two vehicles were broken into in the 400 block of Joan Avenue. CDs, tools, a stereo speaker, cash and credit cards were stolen.
Theft: A Homelite 3500 Watt Generator belonging to Just Mark Construction was stolen from Family Dollar.
May 1
Theft: A 14-year-old Youngstown girl was arrested at Ames and accused of stealing bracelets, sunglasses, a chain and a make-up kit.
Theft/forgery: A $246 workers' compensation check, a $1,734 federal income tax refund check and a $202 state tax check were stolen from the mailbox of a home in the 4000 block of Logangate Road and cashed.
Theft: A sodium light fixture worth $114 was stolen from the 20 block of Trumbull Court.
May 2
Theft: A VCR was stolen from a residence in the 1000 block of Naylor-Lloyd Road.
May 3
Criminal damaging: A mailbox was destroyed in the 1000 block of Will-O-Wood Drive.
May 4
Theft: An aluminum ladder worth $125 was stolen from a home in the 1000 block of Townsend Street.
Theft: A purse was stolen at Ames. It contained $200, personal papers, a driver's license and a Sears charge card.
May 5
Vandalism: The valve stems on tires of two Chocolate Tour Buses were damaged at Belmont Inn Suites.
May 6
Theft: A wallet containing $10, an Ohio license and a veteran's ID card was stolen at Big John's Brushless Car Wash.
May 7
Theft: A $50 boom box was stolen from a home in the 1000 block of Naylor-Lloyd Road.
Burglary: A female is suspected of stealing a briefcase, a hot plate, a headset and personal items worth a total of $270 from Days Inn.
Break-in: A snow blower and a yard vacuum worth a total of $1,050 were stolen from a storage unit in the 5000 block of Belmont Avenue.
Theft: A white-gold and diamond tennis bracelet worth $2,000 was stolen from a room at the Holiday Inn.
May 8
Criminal damaging/theft: Two windows of a vehicle were broken in the 1000 block of Naylor-Lloyd Road the stereo and a speaker worth a total of $450 were stolen.