FEC seeks explanation for campaign repayments

Marriage licenses
John H. Benson, 31, of 7367 West Blvd., #6, Boardman, and Heidi L. Moser, 34, of 1228 Idaho Road, Austintown.
James L. Baglama Jr., 24, of 496 S. Raccoon Road, #44, Austintown, and Jacqueline N. Damelio, 20, of same.
George Miles, 28, of 136 New York Ave., Youngstown, and Katie S. Jones, 27, of 459 Bennington, Youngstown.
Christopher H. Slater, 28, of 3641 Stratmore Ave., Youngstown, and Lari A. Brozman, 26, of same.
David F. Quinlan, 25, of 456 Forest Ave., Poland, and Jennifer M. Grecko, 27, of 6067 Glenridge, Boardman.
Divorces asked
Cathy J. Zimmerman, 5210 Glenwood Ave., Youngstown, vs. Harry C. Zimmerman, 8045 Hitchcock Road, Youngstown.
Dane B. Stilgenbauer, 1235 Bexley Drive, Youngstown, vs. Lisa F. Stilgenbauer, 4503 Deer Creed Court, Youngstown.
Donna R. Gaddy, 196 Gluck St., Youngstown, vs. Stacey M. Gaddy, 99 E. Myrtle Ave., Youngstown.
Debra Lee Moss, 276 Idlewood Road, Youngstown, vs. Thomas E. Moss Jr., 5935 Yorktown Lane, Youngstown.
Dissolutions asked
Anthony D.Fusillo, 17288 Akron Canfield Road, Berlin Center, and Shelly L. Fusillo, 7488 Huntington, Boardman.
Karen S. George-Kouvaras, 113 S. Bay Shore, Columbiana, and Anthony Kouvaras, 924 Auburn Hills Unit 2, Boardman.
New complaints
John B. Reardon treas. vs. Omega M. McCelroy et al, foreclosure.
Board of Mahoning County Commissioners vs. Gary G. Sovik et al, appropriation.
Board of Mahoning County Commissioners vs. Lake Reserve Development Co. et al, appropriation.
Benjamin Holmes vs. Addie P. Crawley, money.
Faith L. Spaulding vs. Michelle Gardner et al, money.
Robert Rego s. Thomas White Sr., money.
Danielle Tillery vs. Robert W. Powers, money.
Union Federal Bank of Indianapolis vs. H. Craig May et al, foreclosure.
National City Mortgage Co. vs. Larry Laffey et al, foreclosure.
Delois W. Smith vs. Ohio Turnpike Commission et al, workers' compensation.
Equity One Credit Corp. vs. Josephine Dixon et al, money.
Bank One National Assoc. vs. Kevin J. Keefe et al, foreclosure.
Elizabeth Robinson vs. Patrick Ruddy Jr. money.
James Conti vs. Larry Conti et al, money.
Tony Pascale vs. Larry Conti et al, money.
James Ladson vs. USX Corp. et al, notice of appeal.
Howard Turner vs. USX Corp. et al, notice of appeal.
William Crum vs. USX Corp. et al, notice of appeal.
German Price vs. USX Corp. et al, notice of appeal.
Michael Koval vs. USX Corp. et al, notice of appeal.
Robin A. McConahy et al vs. Joshua J. Bowers, money.
Asset Acceptance Corp. vs. John H. Ardus, money.
Irene Byers et al vs. Steve Montella, money.
Richard Frondorf et al vs. Frank Kerr et al, money.
Sergio Gonzalez by and through his mother and next best friend Katheline Gonzalez vs. Amanda Peterson et al, money.
Household Realty Corp. vs. Deborah D. Jennings et al, foreclosure.
Elise M. Leskey et al vs. ABC Ins. Co. et al, money.
Cerni Motors Sales Inc. vs. Penn Ohio Pallet Services Inc., money.
Martha Brogdon as parent and natural guardian of Danecia Brogdan a minor vs. Patrick L. Ruddy Jr., money.
Yvette Rogers vs. Rural Metro Ambulance, money.
Kenneth R. Burnett vs. Nelson Tree Service Inc. et al, notice of appeal.
Probate court
Will of Gary E. Sass: estate to wife, Barbara R.
Will of Emogene C. Bytheway: estate to children, with specific bequests.
Will of Ann Cicero: estate to children, John Jr. Carol A., and Koreen M. Cicero.
Will of John A. Cicero: estate to children.
Will of Pasquale DiPiero: estate to children, Danile and Norma; with specific bequests.
Will of Frank J. Molnar Jr.: estate to wife, Blanche; with specific bequests.
Will of Lucille P. Hurain: estate to husband, Paul J.
Will of Larkin C. Stone: estate to wife, Lucille.
Will of David A. McMurray: estate to wife, Ruth W.
Will of Harold W. Ewing: estate to son, Robert A.
Will of Louis C. Gismondi: estate to children, Michael Gismondi and Jeanette Killius.
Real estate transfers
Wayne R. Church et al to Red Cliff Capital Corp., Sebring, $45,000.
Nick Vankovich Sr. to Amy J. Leach, Youngstown, $37,000.
Joel D. Smith et al to Brady J. Murphy, Goshen Twp., $83,000.
Ann Cotic to Michele I. Hempsted, Poland Twp., $11,000.
Washington Mutual Bank to Kevin Hershey, Youngstown, $20,750.
Phillip O. Boyer to Jill C. Weston, Coitsville Twp., $46,900.
Bamo LLC to Cynthia R. DeBartolo, Canfield Twp., $79,500.
Bernadette Gardner to Melvin J. Miller, Austintown Twp., $13,730.
Paul E. Shovlin to Willard W. Simon et al, Poland Twp., $27,000.
Ronald M. Vineyard et al to Ronald M. Vineyard Jr. et al, Beloit, $62,500.
Robert M. Tucker et al to Clifford N. Cobbin et al, Boardman Twp., $151,900.
Thomas O'Donnell trustee to Donald Connelly et al, Youngstown, $5,000.
J.B.R.W. Ltd. to Frank K. Best et al, Austintown Twp., $88,900.
Matthews Square LLC to The Georgetown Inc., Boardman Twp., $800,000.
Bankruptcies/Chapter 7
Annette K. Jacobs, 369 E. Midlothian Blvd., Apt. 3, Youngstown; factory, Astro Shapes; liabilities, $16,670; assets, $1,005.
Anna M. Gresko, 2215 Oak St., Youngstown; postal clerk, U.S. Postal Service; liabilities, $88,740; assets, $33,850.
Ruby L. Hanlon, 482 S. Raccoon Road, Apt. 20, Youngstown; customer service, Time Warner Cable; liabilities, $12,414; assets, $2,450.
Douglas M. and Vanessa D. MacDonald; 36067 state Route 30, Lisbon; he: unemployed; she: clerk, Timberlanes; liabilities, $77,579; assets, $1,110.
Harrison J. Murray, 1661 Hamilton St., Warren; unemployed; liabilities, $37,147; assets, $32,010.
Thomas P. Jr. and Rachel R. Kostelic, 531 Miller Ave., Youngstown; he: no employment shown; she: office manager, Helzberg Diamonds; liabilities, $71,743; assets, $36,500.
Kitty L. Beaver, 1207 Jennings Ave., East Liverpool; dietary, East Liverpool Hospital; liabilities,$25,635; assets, $800.
Perlie M. Young Jr., 851 W. Woodland Ave., Youngstown; retired; liabilities, $54,225; assets, $3,762.
Joyce E. Stewart, 237 E. Boston Ave., Youngstown; unemployed; liabilities, $13,800; assets $1,345.
Shonedale L. Phifer, 153 Kenmore St., Youngstown; no employment shown; liabilities, $13,475; assets, $1,575.
Thomas C. and Norene K. Durbin, 3235 Curry St., East Liverpool; he: retired; she: no employment shown; liabilities, $31,915; assets, $1,803.
James E. Sr. and Connie S. Harris, 6711 Country Road 55, Salineville; he: unemployed; she: caster, Pioneer Pottery; liabilities, $103,847; assets, $69,420.
James M. Lockard, 8260 Southern Blvd. Apt. 2, Youngstown; driver, Landstar Ranger; liabilities, $156,800; assets, $100,735.
Arthur W. and Mary Ellen Berkheimer, 36229 Eagleton Road, Lisbon; he: prep plant operator, Buckey Mining; she: cleaning, Water Maint.; liabilities, $123,735; assets, $46,310.
Robert. M. Jr. and Patricia K. Shaffer, 738 Porter Ave., Campbell; he: driver, DeNiro Cheese; she: clerk, Progressive Doors; liabilities,$106,811; assets, $106,280.
Bankruptcies/ Chapter 13
Martin J. and Tina M. Simms, 262 Marwood Drive, Warren; he: machinist, Custom Materials; she: teller, Bank One; liabilities, $129,120; assets, $137,020.
Keith N. and Charise Y. Jones, 629 Early Road, Youngstown; he: Maintenance, Board of Education; she: clerk, U.S. Postal Service; liabilities, $50,329; assets, $42,101.
Marty G. Gibson, 1195 Adelaide Ave. S. E., Warren; no employment shown; liabilities, $69,021; assets, $62,400.
Joseph T. Sr. and Lisa S. Chaney, 543 Center St., Hubbard; he: collection agent, USA Meridian; she: none: liabilities, $67,611; assets, $53,760.