COLUMBIANA Planning board to discuss condo regulations

Condos fit multifamily housing requirements, but there are no specific codes for them.
COLUMBIANA -- With interest in condominium development high in the area, the city's planning commission wants to fine-tune zoning codes.
Along state Route 14 alone, Arrowhead Bay and Jamestown Trace condominium communities are nearly at capacity, and two others are developing.
The commission will meet at 7:30 p.m. May 29 to discuss condominium regulations.
Bob Belding, city zoning inspector, said condominium developments fit in R-3 high density residential zoning districts as multifamily dwellings. There is, however, no language in the zoning code specific to condominiums, he said.
The R-3 section of the zoning code addresses specifications for single-family, two-family and multifamily dwellings. Belding said multifamily dwellings could include apartment buildings, town houses, triplexes or condominiums.
Encouraging development: Zoning of R-3 districts, according to the code, encourages development at densities up to 16 dwelling units per acre in areas adjacent to community facilities and neighborhood shops.
The code further states developments in an R-3 district should be primarily row houses and garden apartments and be in groupings that provide for efficient development and utilization of community water and sewer systems, streets and parks.
Chairman Richard Simpson, who was Columbiana mayor for 16 years, said the planning commission and council have dealt with each condominium request individually because the code doesn't address many issues.
The code addresses specifications such as building height, lot, frontage and yard requirements.
Simpson said, for example, streets in some developments meet city specifications and are maintained by the city, while others are not.