Special Santas bring joy to those who need it most

Special Santas bring joy to those who need it most
For the past few years I have been privileged to be a part of the special Christmas parties given by the family of Sutton Tour and Travel.
The first time I attended one it was given for terminally ill children. Although heart-wrenching, it was one of the most touching and memorable times in my life.
This year, the party was for the mentally handicapped adult shut-ins. It was an honor for me to play Santa. At first going into the hall I was a bit apprehensive, but from the time I stepped out of my truck (sleigh) I felt so loved by these special people that it was truly humbling. I was immediately the center of attention, getting lots of hugs and requests for all those special presents they hoped Santa would bring them.
There was food served, a magician entertained, and a gentleman came in to sing Christmas carols and in no time at all had everyone singing along, ringing bells and having a great time.
At the end of the entertainment, Santa passed out a gift bag for each of the people in attendance. Their eyes lit up like a child's on Christmas morning, and Santa's eyes filled up with tears.
So, to LouAnn Sutton and her sisters, and to all that helped her that day, I would like to give them a special thanks and may God make your Christmas as special as you have made Christmas for so many who might have not otherwise been able to have such a special day.
State of Ohio, not faculty, gouging college students
I noticed the letter from Associate Professor Robert A. Hogue replying to a comment by YSU Board member Joseph Nohra in the Dec. 18 paper. YSU faculty and staff are not gouging students, but every student at a state-supported university is being gouged by the state of Ohio.
Ohio is very close to being the worst state in the union in support of its colleges and universities. It would take a 100 percent increase in state funding to reach the level of support I had when I graduated from Miami University in 1955.
I am spending my retirement taking graduate level courses at the University of Akron for credit, and I can see some of the sad results of the penurious behavior of the Legislature.
The school is doing very well in maintaining standards in spite of the best efforts by the Legislature to undercut them, but I do not know how much longer they can continue to do that. There are buildings being erected, but it takes much more than fancy buildings to make a university.
The people Mr. Nohra needs to hammer are in Columbus. They are the leaders of Ohio's government -- Governor Taft, Larry Householder, Richard Finan and the rest of them. They need to be hammered mercilessly.
Menial labor still deserves decent wages
Under a capitalist system -- or any system -- there are only so many professional jobs available. Even if favoritism, racism, sexism and class discrimination were completely eradicated from the United States, and every single adult had an enormous amount of intelligence and creativity, along with a college education, there would still be only so many professional jobs available.
The result would be a large number of unemployed people and a large number of jobs -- not careers -- that would be vacant. They would be menial labor jobs that would have to be filled in order to keep the country running.
So all those who perform menial labor should not be given the world, but they should be paid a decent living wage.