Traficant tapes: page 3

S. Traficanti: Absolutely

J. Traficant: you got it jut the way it was. Now I’ve been feeling some (vulgarity). I could have taken the money with me.

C. Carabbia: Can I say something to you? Can I say something? I want you, I want you first of all to know how we feel. There’s him, Ronnie and me. We’re three brothers. Even though there may be times that Orlie and I or Ronnie and I or Ronnie and Orlie who may have a misunderstanding, we’re only human, we’re not infallible. We can make mistakes and disagree. We’re brothers. We don’t want you to feel as though we don’t trust each other. We also don’t want you to feel as though you’re with, those guys are the kings.

J. Traficant: No. You’re not saying that Charlie.

C. Carabbia: No. There was a time...I was going to tell you about 15 or 20 years ago, but why go into the past?

J. Traficant: No, all I’m tellin’ you is this. Here’s the situation.

C. Carabbia: Your cousin Patty, your uncle Tony was my ‘goomba’, he died.

J. Traficant: I know that.

C. Carabbia: Him and his daughter, him and his wife (unintelligible). Patty and Ronnie are just like two brothers and we feel that you’re like a brother to us and we feel very close to you, Jimmy.

J. Traficant: Here’s what I’m saying. They do have in Mahoning County a broad base of connections and power with officeholders. That they have.

C. Carabbia: They who?

J. Traficant: You’re going to have to take into consideration all of that and cut whatever deal you’re going to make. If you consider them as having nothing-(unintelligible).

C. Carabbia: No...(unintelligible)

J.’re going to have big problems with those guys. I don’t want any problems.

C. Carabbia: No.

J. Traficant: I don’t want any problems (unintelligible). Whatever you’ve arranged is a good business deal so that I don’t have people chasing me. I’m not even in office and I got people, you know, starting their mouths on me.

C. Carabbia: Jimmy, as the sheriff, that ain’t supposed to be none of your problems. That’s up to us guys to straighten up.

J. Traficant: I know that.

C. Carabbia: Me and Orlie will. But it’s up to us and Brier Hill and Joey Naples, that’s up to us to straighten out. You’re not supposed to have any problem as the sheriff.

J. Traficant: No.

C. Carabbia: And we don’t want you to have (unintelligible).

J. Traficant: I know that Charlie (unintelligible), I could go ahead and tell you a lot of (vulgarity).

C. Carabbia: Yeah.

J. Traficant: I’m telling you pretty (vulgarity) sure what I think is happening.

C. Carabbia: Let me tell you about most of them politicians in Mahoning County. Most of the pol..look at some of them. Look at Bindas, look at Olenick. Look at Barrett. I mean I’m not putting them guys down, but look at them guys. They’re only in their position because they got the party behind, and the party’s (obscenity) up. You know that. But them guys, are they really politicians, are they really people that, do people come to those guys? I mean, look at the party, look at the party. Look at Hanni, he’s a chairman.

O. Carabbia: All right, (obscenity) that party, what we’re doing here, (unintelligible).

C. Carabbia: We’re all together, Orlie, put it altogether and figure it out.

O. Carabbia: I know, But...

J. Traficant: There’s still the power there. There’s still the power.

C. Carabbia: They could just. And you want to know something I told Orlie the other night? He was up there and somebody come and he said watch Channel 27. And when Hanni come out there and he says, and he said he wanted you to come up and take under oath where you got your money. I told Ruby, I said, I’d be a (vulgarity). I know he was going to come up with that. Hanni, when he come up with that.

O. Carabbia: Let’s get back on what where we’re going. Jimmy. That’s what I want to know. It’s not that anybody wants to make a wrong deal. They only thing I’m telling you we’re standing by the deal, but ah, ain’t no double cross going on.

J. Traficant: No (unintelligible).

O. Carabbia: Well there’s double crosses going on before.

J. Traficant: Like what?

O. Carabbia: Well...

J. Traficant: What would a double cross be? Give me an example.

O. Carabbia: We’re involved over there, I’ll give you a example

C. Carabbia: Tell the truth.

O. Carabbia: I uh we, Danny Hurite OK? (unintelligible)

C. Carabbia: Let’s go back to Tom Beil.

O. Carabbia: You understand? Tom Beil, he had Tom Beil, then he had a few problems and then Jimmy started paying Tom Beil, and pretty soon before you know it Tom Beil, he told Tom Beil out, you come and see me, this and that, that’s how you steal a guy, you understand.

C. Carabbia: He stole him.

O. Carabbia: I could give you more, and this and that.

C. Carabbia: (Unintelligible) Mike Yarosh.

O. Carabbia: Mike Yarosh is the same thing. Took him out there did the same thing. Danny, Hurite down here. He was down here every year. Where did he go. Andy.

A. Chapella: No where.

O. Carabbia: No, where did he (unintelligible).

A. Chapella:...with you always. Chuckie with you always, then he went with, ah.

O. Carabbia: Then Nick gets him...

C. Carabbia: They steal people. They’re thieves.

O. Carabbia: Ain’t no (obscenity) stealing anybody this time. I’m gonna tell you that.

C. Carabbia: That’s it.

O. Carabbia: I mean they ain’t gonna play no joke.

J. Traficant: But you see (unintelligible)

O. Carabbia: That’s why I’m saying you are your own man - and believe me, Andy knows, I believe in that - you as your own man have to really know what you’re saying over here. It’s got to be that way because we’re not unfair, but if there’s a little static or a little argument or grumbling and it comes over here, then it’s up to you, you got to be your own man. Let me tell you one thing. You may have donated this, you may have gave this to him or this and that, but I’m going to tell you something. That’s where I sat. That’s where I sat.

J. Traficant: Oh, I told him he could go further than that. I’d tell them I’ve taken your money and giving it to Orlie and Charlie because they didn’t trust you double crossing (obscenity) in my election. Now look, I did take your money though, and you do have an interest, and I’ll work it out, and I want no problem from anyone.

O. Carabbia: You, tell them that.

J. Traficant: I’ll tell them just like that.

C. Carabbia: He said did you tell him that?

J. Traficant: I told you I’ll tell them that. And I’ll still tell them that. I took your money because I sense a double cross. I knew what was going on. Now you work it out. You gave me this and I’ll honor what you gave me, and this is what they gave me and this is my family. I told you this all along, you’re just like family to me.

O. Carabbia: Now was Joey there?

J. Traficant: Joey was there when I told him that. Joey and Jimmy.

C. Carabbia: They were at, Sam you place, at your truck stop.

S. Traficanti: Yeah.

J. Traficant: They’re like family, they give you money but they’re like family.

O. Carabbia: What they got to do is they’re going to go and they’re going to start. I think you said something about, we talked about it the last time that somebody went to Don DiGenova.

C. Carabbia: On Tabby.

O. Carabbia: And Jimmy asked already.

C. Carabbia: Here’s what I can’t understand.

J. Traficant: Tabby’s civil service, now Tabby can’t.

O. Carabbia: No, now wait a minute, nothing Tabby. I’m just saying how he’s starting, you understand Sam?

C. Carabbia: But he hated Tabby.

O. Carabbia: you know what I mean? How he starting to say ‘OK I want this, I want that’, and this is what I’m saying. He has no demands.

J. Traficant: No.

S. Traficanti: He asked for one job and Jimmy never honored that, that commitment to him.

J. Traficant: No. There’s no commitments on any jobs at all. They had nothing. That’s it. That’s it.

O. Carabbia: Well I’m just saying how they they’re payments.

J. Traficant: They’re going to try and work on me and I (obscenity) my mind up like Yarosh. Now this is what you better help me so I won’t end up at Woodside too.