I staggered,  soberly,  when I read this:


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I staggered,  soberly,  when I read this:

"Beloit College has released its annual "Mindset List" the list that tries to let us see the world the way an 18-year-old incoming college freshman sees the world. 

"9/11 is something they have no memory of whatsoever...."

I, as most reading this, certainly  remember with great clarity, where we were when we first learned of the attack on us,U.S. 

It changed us, united us, well, at least for awhile. It was an attack on all of us. People made eye contact with each other. Neighbours  spoke with each other, waved to each other, we were more accommodating  while driving , more patient in traffic.  We were 'slower to anger,quicker to forgive'.  We made friends instead of enemies....at least for awhile. I certainly don't want to give an impression of 'paradise', but, there was a greater sense of unity, a sense of pulling together instead of pushing apart. I'm going to refrain, at this time, in addressing just how bad things have become....you know. 

What I will never forget, is talking with some of the wives  who's husbands were murdered 17 years ago. The shame, the opprobrious behaviour of our government when these widows, these victims of the 9.11 attacks needed to ban together in an attempt to get truth and justice...some accountability. As they stated:

The deaths of our loved ones demand justice.  NEVER FORGET means never getting away with murder.  NEVER FORGET means holding any nation accountable for its role in the murder of our loved ones.  NEVER FORGET means not blocking of our path to justice.  YOU must NEVER FORGET 9/11.

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