Gloat Not, Lest Ye Be Gloated


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by Louie b. Free   | 349 entries

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Early, during this morning's
 show,my brother on the other side(Mc Farren) and  I saw a news piece from

Vegans gloat, meat eaters

 shrug over WHO study

 linking red meat to cancer

I checked w/my friend Oxford
  to be sure I understood the definition of
She was still gloating over her rival's disappointment.Having lost a large percentage of the vote, they were in no position to gloat.I hope you haven’t just come here to gloat.
I don't know any vegs who are  gloating about the news.  
Barely a week goes by that someone, some doctor, some group, some study,that points to a plant-based diet, less animal product,more vegetables as a path to better healthless environmental damage, brain health, etc.
These are facts that we vegs know. Now, Obviously I don't speak for all vegs, but,happy about your own success, ...hmmm, now, more affirmation, yes.
In the next week or so, Dr. Garth Davis will be on the show to talk about his recently released book: Proteinaholic. Inside the book's jacket:"Animal protein is not one of the healthiest foods around—rather, it is strongly associated with diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, and cancer, the primary killers of our time...."You know Dr.Davis, he stars , with his father, Dr. Robert Davis on the hit TV show: Big Medicine. He also, recently wrote: 

I'm A Doctor Who Specializes In Diet + Nutrition. Here's

 Why I DON'T Have Concerns About Vegan Diets

Certainly, it feels good every time our diet is promoted by 'the news', but, 'gloating', no. Validated, yes !For me,  this news is good news, Great news,WONDERFUL news...not because more people will be eating healthier, but, morepeople will be  turning away from the cruelty of animalconsumption.and, i KNOWthere is no such thing as humane meatSo, MarketWatch, maybe you meant:Vegans  GLOWING !

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