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I attempted to post a blog a few days ago - only the title posted:

151,600 People Die Every Day...

 Recently, I had stopped by a shoppe that I frequent and heard that a friend of mine, Donnie, was ill. I called him, no answer...texted him: Are you ok? What's happening w/you?  I learned he was in Cleveland Clinic. He responded:  " ..not sure Louie...diagnosed with some rare disease.....not sure I'm going to survive it ..."
I got to know Donnie when were both just beginning to go thru some difficulties. Initially, we looked at each other with "crinkly mouths"* until we developed a level of trust.  We were so paranoid that we'd walk busy streets and talk, as there were so many wires around. Donnie would draw deeply on his cigarette as  I'd do my usual impersonation of normalcy. We had cultural differences that, occasionally intersected, sometimes with hilarity. Donnie and I would laugh about things that would make others cringe, then, go about our separate lives. There was always someone trying to drive a wedge between us for self-serving reasons....fortunately, never succeeding. Donnie and I had dental issues in common. Recently, Donnie got a new set o' teeth and said "Louie, you've got to get some of these!" I responded ' mine are fine as long as I have super-glue...' 
I'm writing this for a reason greater than just reminiscing - there's a message here for you, that's too late for me...and, Donnie. 
We hadn't done a walk 'n talk for a few years ...every time I'd see him at the joint on Market street, we'd leave with: 'we've got to do a walk someday soon' well, soon will never come - now it's too late.  I learned during today's show that Donnie died. Fortunately Donnie knew how i felt about him, but, I'm sorry I didn't get to say it one more time.  I'm glad we were MAN enough to  able to see each other thru tear-filled eyes.
So, is there a message here for you? Yes, glad you asked: 151,600 People Die Every Day...tomorrow it may be someone you know, the next day it may be you. If you love someone, tell them...TODAY... Take time for a walk and talk - - -  it may be your last opportunity 

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