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Politics, As Usual 

You like Trump, He likes Clinton, They love Bernie Sell-Out-Sanders or Stein...Oh yeah, or, the resurrected Gary Johnson
I remember when I was in exile in Ashtabula/ WWOW.
I had an in-studio debate for Ashtabula county commissioner  - the incumbent and the want-to-be, 
After some opening remarks, the one candidate railed about the other ' he's this, he's that, he did this, he didn't do that, on and on critiques. 
When he was done, I asked " So, you've told us why you don't think we should vote for ___, now, tell us why we should vote for you" Well,to my surprise, he stormed out, telling  WWOW's general manager " that's what you get when you hire someone from Youngstown!" I thought I was giving him a gift: the opportunity to tout himself, to give a reason for folks to get off the couch and vote FOR him... Ah, my naivety! 
I always see it that way - certainly, if you're running for an office, against someone, you need point out why you feel they're not doing the job - but, then, tell us why, YOU !
We're seeing it compounded with this current presidential campaigns. I wonder if anyone calculated how many times 'Trump' was used in the DNC  convention (of course, after  those in control pretended to throw Debbie Shultz 'under the bus' - I don't think Deb will be asking to come back on the show this season).
 Yes, there are real issues, real negatives with candidates , real reasons one may not vote for them, but, then, what/who are you voting FOR and WHY?
Are we hearing ANY of those reasons? There are women who are excited that Hillary's running because she's female, as many were excited to vote for Obama because he's black. We should have learned by now - that's not a reason to vote FOR someone. If Bernie was the candidate, I certainly wouldn't have voted for him because he's a Jew. 
Our "FOR" vote should be precious to us,U.S. 
 No one wants to address the explosion of children born to single moms on welfare. Young moms ill equipped to deal with children - -  who grow up to have babies of their own. Read the newspaper and find stories like that of a young mom going to a residence she was forbidden to be near, with her 3 children, one a babe in arms, when the police approached her, she threw the baby down and ran, leaving all 3 of her (precious) children behind.   
 How about the demonizing of  physicians?  Those with no answers and the profiteers of pain, would have us believe that it's the doctors that put people on pain medication - -they are responsible for the 'heroin epidemic' ! Some bad doctor put someone on pain meds and that person eventually went to buy some powder from some guy on the corner, then took it home, cooked it up and injected it into their vein, yes, all because of some bad doctor, really?? Has anyone asked why so many are turning to junk? No, there's no money in it.  Doctors are no more the problem than cops are the problem. The FACT is: pain is UNder-treated in the U.S. ...but, politicians can 'make their bones' lording over doctor's shoulders. Those in power will find the loophole for them and their family, as always. They rail against the elite-class, then go to their elite-class cocktail parties, and, well, you know. 
It's time we have some REAL conversations about what's wrong with us, U.S. AND a plan to fix it!  - Don't expect that in the upcoming debates, remember, it's about ratings, not reality!  

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