Steve Mientkiewicz (Democrat)

Running forNiles Mayor - Democrat
ResidenceNiles, OH
EducationNiles McKinley-2002 YSU-2007, Middle Childhood Education KSU-2011, Education Administration
EmployerThe City of Niles- Mayor
Family in office?none
Reasons for runningI want to continue to provide trust in government and hold Niles to a higher standard under my leadership. I want to work to upgrade our towns infrastructure and stabilize our neighborhoods so that we retain and attract families. I would like to continue strong fiscal watch of tax-payer dollars and promote a culture that allows business to grow within the city.
Priorities I will continue to be transparent and responsible with tax dollars by adhering to the approved financial plan, which allowed the city to be released from fiscal emergency on March 11, 2019. I will continue use a business-like structure to operate our departments, continue to resolve past utility billing issues by implementing an audit and adhering to my policy, which allows for accuracy and consistency. Continue to make sure our safety forces are fully staffed, and aged equipment and vehicles are replaced. Focus on strategic planning to meet departmental needs and become more efficient, while considering a declining tax base and population. We will continue to utilize different resources to retain and attract businesses, enhance our main corridors, and grow our community by creating a positive vision. Continue to aggressively seek infrastructure grant dollars, to have clean parks for our families, smooth roads to drive on, new waterlines for clean drinking water, operable fire hydrants, and a maintained sewer system to reduce neighborhood flooding. We will make our neighborhoods cleaner and safer by eliminating blighted homes and condemned buildings. Finally, continue to be accessible, open and honest with the citizens.
QualificationsI am very responsible with taxpayer dollars. I along with city leaders have worked to create a financial plan, which allowed the city to emerge from fiscal emergency and shows a positive forecast. As Mayor, I have experience overseeing an 82-million-dollar operating budget. I have planned and overseen many city projects during my time in office. I am a fresh face for the community and someone who works with community groups, senior groups, student groups, and veteran groups.
Positions on the issues Utilities- continue to provide a high quality of service to our citizens at a fair cost. We will continue to solve billing issues that were previously pushed aside by adhering to our billing policy and providing training and support to our billing department.

Infrastructure- continue to aggressively seek grant dollars for capital projects so that residents have new/maintained roads, operable fire hydrants and new water lines to eliminate ongoing water breaks and provide clean drinking water, and a well-maintained storm/sanitary system to reduced neighborhood flooding.

Safety- continue to maintain a full police force and fire department, as well as upgrade aged equipment, vehicles and buildings. This, in an effort to make our neighborhoods safer and attract more families.

Community reinvestment- upgrading and maintaining our parks and stabilizing our neighborhoods through code enforcement and demolition of blighted homes.
Offices Sought The City of Niles- 2nd Ward Councilman- 2015-2018
Niles Precinct Committee- 2006-2012
Offices Held The City of Niles- 2nd Ward Councilman- 2015-2018
Niles Precinct Committee- 2006-2012