Samantha Turner (Democrat)

Running forYoungstown Council 3rd Ward - Democrat
ResidenceYoungstown, OH
EducationRayen High School / Youngstown, Ohio 2003 Bachelors of Science December 2008 The University of Florida Gainesville, Florida College of Journalism and Communications Major: Advertising Outside Concentration: History and Business Management
EmployerDirector of Operations, Youngstown Area Goodwill February 2018
Non-Profit & Social Enterprise, Youngstown, Ohio Current
• Manage four departments and all associated staff
• Audit contracts and ensure payroll and margin align with organization goals
• Create and execute production goals and standards
• Develop and maintain relationships with vendors and customers
• Execute organization and business directives
• Manage logistics and delivery of all donated items
• Procure contracts that create jobs and increase margin
• Develop and organize supply and ordering processes
• Ensure all safety standards are meet
• Ensure all maintenance and facilities repairs are completed in a timely manner

FamilySingle / Unwed
Anthony A. Walker
Family in office?N/A
Reasons for runningSimply Put: "I am running for council because I believe that by working together we can build a strong, sustainable community."

I made a choice to return to my home and join my family business because of the potential I saw here and I believed in Youngstown. Upon returning, I was told "You need to get invest and get involved in this community if you believe so much," so I did. I purchased my home, I am raising my family, I've evolved in my career and I immersed myself in this city. In doing so, I've found we have a long way to go and the only way we are going to get there is if people young and old have the courage to step out from behind their critiques and get involved. It is the responsibility of our elders to teach, lead, invest and guide the young population and it is the responsibility of the younger population to stop dreaming and leaving for big cities and turn this city into the city they want to see.

Priorities a. Economic Development
1. Improving businesses on our main corridors
2. Remove blight and out of date structures
3. Attract business by partnering with other city officials to create incentives that driver business
and create opportunities
b. Neighborhood Infrastructure
1. Sidewalks and street repairs
2. Blight removed
3. Supported beautification projects
4. Support elderly home owners by connecting them with organizations that can assist in repairs
5. Attract new homeowners and support them in their transition by connecting them with
organizations and resources
c. Quality of life
1. Flourishing block watch groups
2. Holding city departments accountable
Zoning code enforced
Streets plowed and repaired timely
Police patrols regular and responsive to the entire community
QualificationsOver the past eight years I have worked with and in numerous neighborhood/community organizations, employed people in the city, built partnerships, purchased a home and is raising a new family here in the city. I have emerged as a leader not just in my community but in the city.

a. Strong leader that holds people accountable
b. Well known and respected and fully engaged in the community / Board involvement and volunteer efforts
c. Experience with multi organization and community changing programs
1. Fairgreen Neighborhood Garden
2. Wick Park Pavilion Renovations
3. Northwood Jr. Golf Academy
d. Clear understanding of finances
Positions on the issues Economic development, in my opinion, needs to be reinvented here in the city. To help our economy, communities and city we will need to seek out industry that could fit here in the valley. As well as being open meaning and sometime rapid growth and development.

Neighborhood Stabilization: as our community ages we need to support (and hold accountable) tenants, landlords, home-owners and new-comers to ensure that the housing stock and neighborhoods are properly preserved. We should also focus on removing blight, developing functional green spaces and create a more welcoming environment across the city.

Safe Space and Education: The partnership between the county, city and school district needs work and revitalization. Children are not being educated and protected at a high level.
Offices Sought N/A
Offices Held N/A